5 Sophisticated Ways to Wear Candy Colored Hues

Candy colors are one of the reasons we’re excited for summer. Even those who aren’t crazy for colors will tell you that one of the things that makes dressing up in the summer more fun are the cute candy colors that we don’t usually get a lot of during the fall and winter. Some people, however, worry that sporting cute candy colors might make them look younger than their age, and not necessarily in a good way.

  1. Make monochromatic outfits work – going monochromatic with candy colored hues can be a risky fashion move but it sure pays off well. Monochromatic candy colored ensembles, when worn right, can result to ultra chic and sophisticated looks. Be careful in picking out separates if you’re not using a set of coordinates. You’ll want your pieces to be as close in color as possible to maintain that posh look.monochromatic candy colored outfit gigi hadid
    monochromatic yellow outfit
  2. Pair up with neutrals – if you don’t think you can pull off a monochromatic candy colored outfit without looking like a walking Easter egg, you can add a sophisticated touch to your look by pairing up your candy pieces with neutrals like black, white, cream, beige, tan, navy, and the like. Doing this gives even the sweetest color that grown up chic vibe.neutral gray top and pink skirt candy hue neutral jeans and cute pink top
  3. Mix pastels and brights – candies come in all sorts of colors, from cute and subtle pastels to loud statement vibrant hues so why not do that with your outfit as well? Mixing your pastels with bright colors is a great way to achieve a perfectly balanced look. You might also want to add in a neutrals piece somewhere in the look to anchor all the crazy colors down to.mix and match blue and yellow mix and match bright and soft hues
  4. Incorporate prints – another way to tone down your looks if you’re a little too overwhelmed about wearing too much color is to incorporate prints into your outfit. You can choose to go for colorful prints or have prints in the candy color you prefer. Either way, doing this is a surefire way to make your outfit look a lot more chic and stylish.printed candy color outfit printed gingham outfit
  5. Texturize – keep your candy themed outfit from looking too sweet by spicing up the looks with some interesting textures. Mix and match different textures and different colors in your look but be careful not to make your outfit look too busy or have too much going on. Beads, feathers, fur, sequins, leather – these are just some of the ways you can add texture to your look but limit it to 2 to 3 different textures max.texture play with candy hues rainbow look texture play with candy colors



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