5 Signs of a Shopping Addiction

There’s nothing wrong with going on a little shopping spree from time to time. However, shopping can become an unhealthy obsession that can be easily ignored or overlooked, and it can lead financial ruin when left untreated. So, keep on reading for the 5 signs of a shopping addiction and how to deal with it.

  1. You’re frequently making impulse purchases.

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We all make frivolous purchases from time to time, but for shopping addicts it’s a way of life. Just because you fancy yourself a collector of shoes, or designer clothes doesn’t mean that you are not an addict. Remember, impulse buyers often make purchases not because they value the product, but rather for the rush they feel at the register. So before heading to the mall make a shopping list first of the things you need to buy so you won’t end up spending a fortune on things that aren’t a priority.

  1. You’re buying items that never leave the box.

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The home of a shopping addict is often full of unopened boxes, clothes with the tags still on them, and wrapped gifts that never made their way to the intended recipient. So, before going to the mall, have an inventory of the things you already have so you’ll avoid buying them in multiples. Remember, compulsive shoppers don’t buy things because they need them but buy them for the thrill of spending money. Once a shopping addict has satisfied their urge, they’ll often lose interest in whatever it is they bought.

  1. You’re feeling buyer’s remorse after making purchases.

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A shopping addict is often so caught up in the thrill of the moment, while regret begin to set in when a credit card statement arrives in the mail. Generally, once a shopping addict’s urge has been satisfied, they’ll be able to think more clearly about their actions. Frequently experiencing buyer’s remorse after making a purchase is a strong indicator of shopping addiction. So, before buying that sale item, think first if you’re willing to buy it full price or you really need it so you’ll lessen your buyer’s remorse.

  1. You’re turning to shopping in times of success.

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A “shopaholic” will turn to her credit card to relieve feelings of anxiety or even reward herself from her successes. An amazing fact, making a new purchase can release the same feel-good chemicals that keep drug users addicted, so it’s often used as a method of self-comfort. So, the next time you find yourself driving to the mall, ask yourself what sparked the impulse to go shopping.

  1. You’re hiding shopping habits from friends and family.

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Most of the shopping addicts understand that their compulsive spending is problematic. That’s the reason why they hide their behavior from others just like clearing your browser history after online shopping, or hiding shopping bags in your closet. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll be a savvy shopper that spend hard earned money wisely.

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