5 Secrets to Modest and Fashionable Dressing

Modest clothing isn’t limited to sleeved and shapeless items, but it can be a challenge to find pieces that fit fairly well without being too revealing. Since modesty has different standards and a personal decision, either made for style or religious reasons, keep on reading for some guides to remember when building your modest fashion style.

  1. Consider going for conservative hemlines.

blue top with white skirt

white pants with turtleneck top and coat while dress with wide brimmed hat striped outfit with strappy sandals parisian outfit with crisscross sandals

While there is no textbook definition of what constitutes modest clothing, most individuals would agree that if one could sit, cross their legs, bend over, or stretch their arms overhead in an outfit without showing an immodest amount of skin, the item would be considered modest. Generally, skirts or dresses with hemlines that fall on knee-length or below, at the same time not form-hugging, can be considered as modest clothing. Go for outfits that cover the shoulders, back, and chest, with hemlines that fall to the knee or longer. If you’re not comfortable with skirts and dresses, you may be inspired by Kristina Bazan’s style of wearing a pair of classic white pants with her elegant top that looked sophisticated and classy.

  1. Be selective on your color combinations and prints.

black and white outfit nautical chic outfit with mini bag and bandana scarf gray pants with metallic gold pumps and knitted sweater fur collared coat with navy dress cream blazer with white pants and wedges

In some cultures, bright colors and festive shades are not considered modest. So be careful on wearing them especially on formal ceremonies, weddings, and funerals. While you could never go wrong with neutral shades of black, gray, navy, white, brown, and cream, resorting to pastel shades can also be great to add some feminine and romantic vibe to your looks without going overboard. Also, houndstooth prints, polka dots, and stripes can be safer than fierce leopard prints and loud abstract patterns.

  1. Resort to fine fabrics and decent silhouettes.

camel skirt with sweater and oxfords white outfit with camel coat red business suit cuffed jeans with camel coat casual chic outfit with hat

In some instances, fabrics and silhouettes are taken into consideration. Generally, you may save your metallic pieces and sequin ensembles for festive celebrations and parties as they may not look decent on a formal affair. However, you could never go wrong with chiffon, silk, satin, velvet, cotton, and cashmere as long as they have the streamlined structure and clean lines.

  1. Think of wearing tights with shorter hemlines.

green outfit with tights tweed coat with skirt and tights tights with yellow dress and black coat tights with green miniskirt and coat leggings with wool coat and boots

In some countries, you can hardly find outfits with conservative hemlines so you may think of wearing tights underneath your bottoms. Also, some clothing manufacturers specialize in outfits with under-layer beneath tops or shorts under skirts to provide an additional level of modesty that you may go for. Wearing tights, thigh-high boots, or leggings with coats, shorts, or mini skirts can also be great to keep you covered.

  1. Top your outfit with stylish outerwear.

jacket with pastel outfit fur coat with sequin dress dress with fur coat and boots coat with casual outfit blazer with skirt and mules

Stylish outerwear like coats, jackets, blazers, and cardigans keep you covered with no unsightly gaps no matter how active you are. While they are not skin tight or overly revealing, they are also not shapeless and unattractive. With our styling tricks, you’ll be able to dress modestly to complement your style or religious beliefs, while looking fashionable at the same time.

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