5 Must Have Boots for the Season

If boots are your thing, I bet you’re excited for fall. Of all the seasons, fall is the best time to bring out all your boots and start wearing them again, every day if you want. Boots are quintessential to any fall wardrobe, be it that of a guy or a gal (but more so for the gals). Aside from being really good at keeping your feet (and sometimes, legs) warm and comfy, they also add a ton of style and personality to your look. Here are some of the few must have boots for the season.

  1. Sleek black boots – one of the most common worries amongst women when transitioning from summer to fall is finding a season-appropriate replacement for their trusty ol’ black pumps. If you’re an office girl who lives in black pumps, you might want to add a pair of sleek black boots to your fall office wardrobe. Look for something with a sleek silhouette and minimal details to make it easier for them to blend in with everything else in your closet.sleek-black-boots-outfit-gorgeous-heelssleek-black-boots-outfit-gorgeous-heels
  2. Biker boots – every girl needs a pair of boots she can use when she feels like showing off her inner badass, so biker boots are another must. Though they come in a ton of colors now, black is always the best way to complete that outfit and give it the rebellious renegade vibe.biker-boots-and-casual-classic-outfit biker-boots-and-slip-dress
  3. Chunky heeled boots – for those who are looking for a pair of boots that can offer the perfect combination of comfortable and stylish, a chunky heeled pair might just be what you need. Any style with a chunky heel is always a great choice if you’re planning on wearing your boots for extended periods of time. They’re also more stable and a lot easier to walk around in.chunky-heel-boots-cali-girl-outfit -boots-and-miniskirt-gigi-hadid
  4. Knee- or thigh-high boots – flat or with heels, there’s no denying that a pair of knee-high or thigh-high boots are perfect for completing any outfit that you want to lend a subtle sultry vibe to. Pair them up with miniskirts, shorts, or short dresses to get an instant fun and flirty stylish look.tall-boots-gorgeous-shirt-dress tall-boots-outfit
  5. Beat up boots – who wants a pair of old beat up boots, you ask? Well, you should. A pair of beat up boots is the ultimate shoe style to finish off everyday casual and street style. It’s also great for completing Boho kinds of looks. No worries, you don’t need to splurge on an already-beat up looking pair. Instead, just keep the pair that you’ve had the longest.beat-up-leather-boots beat-up-fall-boots


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