5 Easy Ways to Escape a Fashion Rut

If you’re surrounded by your closet full clothes, and you don’t know what to wear but the same thing you throw on every day. You’re in a fashion rut! Whether you’re willing to adventure near or far from your favorite items, we’ve got you covered below.

  1. Don’t shy away from bright pieces.

cobalt blue sweater with white full skirt and pink sandals

orange skirt with black tank top neon yellow pants with striped tee neon yellow dress with floral clutch green and yellow tube dress

You may be in a fashion rut if your closet is full of neutrals from grays to blacks, and whites to browns. So, add a color infusion to your outfit by exploring the bright shades of neon yellow, hot pink, cobalt blue, royal purple, lime green, fruity orange, or even bright red. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may start with a cobalt blue sweater paired with neutral skirt and spiced up by a pair of pink sandals. Or, go bold in neon yellow dress complemented by a floral print clutch to make your street looks lively and vibrant.

  1. Wear bold patterns and graphic prints.

abstract print dress with ankle strap sandals graphic print top with white jeans graphic dress with leggings geometric print dress with statement choker checkered maxi skirt with polka dots top abstract print dress with red flats

Wearing bold patterns and graphic prints is a fun and creative way to incorporate more life into your looks. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, opt for optical illusion inspired patterns or abstract prints to look unique on your street looks. Or, simply go for a daring print combination on your outfit to channel your creative and artistic vibe. When wearing a statement-making outfit, keep your accessories muted by going for nudes, blacks, grays, or whites, as well as teaming them with the shade of your prints.

  1. Make your street style a bit unexpected.

statement outfit with grunge boots sheer top with skinny jeans and cross necklace rain coat with white dress and orange sandals patent leather coat with pants casual chic outfit with socks snd classic pumps body-con-metallic-dress-with-classic-pumps

Whether you’re a fan of daytime sparkles, eccentric look, or avant-garde outfit, make your street style a bit unexpected to add some fun into your looks. Breaking the fashion rules from time to time can be stylish and statement-making such as wearing socks with heels, teaming unexpected color combinations, and letting your bra show in a sheer top. If you’re afraid of getting into a fashion faux pas statement, then simply opt for unconventional textiles and materials to wear n your street looks like plastic coats, patent leather pants, wooden necklace and so on.

  1. Layer your pieces creatively.

crop top with button down shirt and blazer vest with blazer and skinny jeans tunic dress with leggings and coat pink vest with flared pants and button down shirt

Layering requires a good sense of style to perceive what looks good when worn together. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, creatively mix your cropped sweater, button down shirt, blazer, leggings, skirt and such all at once to create the artistic yet trendy look. You may actually think of your favorite pieces like basic tees, cozy sweater, crisp button-down shirts, and pleated skirts that may look great when worn together.

  1. Spice up your every day looks with fashion-forward accessories.

pink belt and ballet flats with black and white dress orange hat with pants and camel sweater lace up heels with scarf and cobalt blue sweater cap toe pumps with blue bracelet and printed dress

Workwear is an easy place to allow your “daily look” to fall into a rut. A simple way to add a boost to your office ensemble is to add a bold, bright statement necklace. Also, you’re in a style rut when the only accessories you’ve been wearing are the studs you sleep in. So, build a basic repertoire with a statement necklace, cocktail ring, bangles, and fun earrings that can make your outfits look fresh and creative.

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