5 Easy Ways to Edit Your Closet

Getting more thoughtful of where your clothes come from, and what your decision to wear them, we all come to a point of editing our closet. Whether you turned your liking to more specific colors, cuts, and styles, or wish a minimal wardrobe, keep on reading for the 5 easy ways to edit your closet.

  1. Pull down everything to spot the pieces you no longer need in your closet.



Start by laying everything out in piles, sorted by type and season to make it easy to spot pieces you no longer need, especially if you have them in multiples. Keep those you wear frequently, in good condition, and fit you well. This way, you’ll create a trim capsule wardrobe, with fewer pieces of favorite items. Remember, getting dressed becomes effortlessly simple when you are presented with less, and you’ll be able to shop your closet as pieces are rotated in and out.

  1. Sort clothes whether it’s seasonal, occasional, or basic ones.

crop-top-with-wide-leg-pants tropical-print-swimwear-with-sun-hat zebra-print-leggings-with-leather-jacket-and-metallic-accessories

You may keep seasonal coats such as summer swimwear, winter coats, leather gloves, leather jacket, and special event pieces like evening dresses that must be tucked away in separate closets, along with festival and going out outfits. This way, you’ll see those pieces when you intend to wear them and don’t end up convincing yourself that a sheer blouse and mini skirt will be great for your fall looks.

  1. Sort out the items that need dry clean or trip to the tailor.

off-shoulder-top-with-suede-skirt ripped-jeans-with-button-down-shirt-and-coat

You may love to shop vintage and the sizes in your wardrobe are all over the map. If you’ve got something special that is ill-fitting, it’s worth it to spend a little money at the tailor, or edit it on your own. You must sort anything to tailor or craft, along with any damaged clothes made of nice materials, like silk or sequins that could be used in making accessories like headbands and belts.

  1. Evaluate your future clothes and sentimental pieces.

printed-top-with-shorts striped-outfit-with-sling-bag

Through the years, you might have kept all of your clothes you bought, as well as future clothes that you wish to wear soon when you gained or lose pounds. Think about why you’re editing down, how your taste may be changing, and how to approach future shopping differently. If you’ve found out that they will only take up some space in your clothes and you’re not going to wear them, better sell or donate them.

  1. Organize your closet from office wear, casual wear, and work-out gear.

graphic-print-leggings-with-purple-tank-top leather-gloves-with-wool-coatvarsity-jacket-with-heels

To make your ensembles more organized, hang those office tops, casual dresses, skirts, dress pants, light jackets on thin hangers, while sweaters, shorts, casual pants, and jeans should all be folded in short stacks on open shelves. On the other hand, work-out gear, festival clothes and such should go to a big chest of drawers while blazers and heavy scarves go into your tiniest closets. If you have some out of season clothes, store them away so you’ll get much less time scanning when you’re just looking for an office outfit. By heeding these tricks, it’ll be easier for you to edit your closet and you’ll be more organized in your life.

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