5 Bold Street Style Trends to Wear Now

Anyone who’s into style and fashion would agree that street style looks are one of the best and most exciting ones to come up with and wear. With street style looks, you can freely express yourself and wear whatever you want. You can go along with and follow the newest trends or stick with what works best for your own preference and style. Speaking of trends, the hot new ones that we’ve been seeing recently sure got a lot of us excited, no? In case you missed it, here are some of the best bold street style trends to wear now.


White bootswhite boots and pleated skirt

white boots and mini dress

Boots have always been more of a fall/winter thing for many but white boots make them feel more appropriate for spring. Simple as they may look (and sound like in theory), white boots can bring in a ton of personality to your look which is perfect if you’re looking for something that will help you create a bold statement in a way that isn’t overly used and abused by our beloved fashion bloggers.

Tassel earringstassel earrings in mustard tassel earrings when worn

There were famous, too, a few years back and they’re obviously wiggling their way back into the fashion limelight by appearing on some of  our favorite It Girls and fashion editors’ ears. I’m sure there are tons of different styles and designs to choose from out there but you can always DIY your own pair as well, in case you want something that’s customized the way you like.


Bracelet bagbracelet bag closeup bracelet bag handle with jumpsuit culottes

Your search for the perfect purse to complete your spring looks is here. Bracelet bags are super easy and convenient to carry and they’re really cute and stylish, too. What’s more is that they double as arm candy so that’s one less thing for you to worry about.


Leather trenchleather trench coat brown celline dion leather trench coat in red

If the saying “April shower bring May flowers” is true, then you better get your rain gear ready for the months to come. Still looking for a piece of outerwear to add to ryour spring wardrobe? Why not get yourself a leather trench coat? It’s the perfect combination between fearless and fierce, sophisticated and chic.


Corset beltscorset belt and slip dress corset belt fashion week edition

Looks like the Kardashians did it again. This spring, wear a thick corset belt is going to be one of the hottest trends. Get your body ready with some serious waist training. With these used as accessories, too, you’ll have that figure you’ve been dreaming of in no time!



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