5 Autumn Accessories to Own

Although fall is about to take its graceful exit, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t rock autumn accessories for as long as you can! Get your fall fashion on with these autumn accessories that you need to have for this year – and the next one too!

Felt Fedora

Keeping your head warm is one of the reasons why you should get autumn accessories. But instead of opting for the conventional hat, set your sights on a felt fedora. Choose one with a rounder, wider brim. There is a variety of colors available so you don’t have to settle with dull, neutral colors (although they’re fashionably safe too.) As for embellishments, unleash the girly girl in you by picking autumn accessories with ribbons, leathers, basically the whole nine!

black felt fedora

black fedora maroon fedora

Oversized Wrap

With winter right around the corner, one cannot deny the chilly feels of the cold autumn air. With that being said, an oversized wrap is one of the autumn accessories you need to own. It gives you the comfy feeling of wearing a blanket around you – but in a high fashion sense. There are many colors and styles available out there, but getting a fringed one can help you achieve a chic western look that is perfect for the season.

tassled blanket wrap patterned blanket wrap checkered blanket wrap


A belt is one of the autumn accessories that don’t go out of season. Whether you choose a traditional black one or a bright, dizzying design, you’re sure to look sexy in a belt. This is especially the case if you are wearing loose, voluminous items such as the oversized wrap I have just mentioned. With a cute belt, you can create an hourglass figure – even if you are swimming in comfy warming clothes.

brown belt belted outfit belted outfit for auutmn

Patterned Tights

It might be cold outside but this doesn’t mean that you should completely forget about your favorite dresses, skirts, or shorts. Now, you can wear them out – even if it’s chilly – with the help of patterned tights. These cute autumn accessories can add that much-needed flair to your otherwise boring outfit. Choose styles with bright colors, abstract prints, or floral designs to add life to your cold weather apparels.

checkered tights rust tights maroon tights

Tassled Loafers

Menswear autumn accessories are all the rage nowadays. While they can give you the androgynous vibe, it wouldn’t hurt to pick one with a sexy feminine flair. When it comes to these autumn accessories, go beyond the norm  by choosing those made from velvet or those embellished with a scalloped trim. Wear these with cropped or ankle-length pants for maximum exposure.

black and white loafers blake lively tassled loafers brown tassled loafers

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