4 Ways to Look Smart but Not Overdressed

Style is a great means of expressing your individuality through the clothes you’re wearing. You must be encouraged to dress up when having a meeting with your boss, attending a wedding, or having a dinner party with your friends, but casual weekends can still look smart without getting overdressed. If you wish to enhance your level of refinement, but don’t want to look overdressed when not dressing for more formal or fancy occasions, keep on reading for our stylish tricks.

  1. Opt for refined structures and skip avant-garde cuts.


structured-military-vest-with-fall-boots pastel-yellow-vest-with-pants-and-structured-bag

If you are a more formal dresser naturally, go for classic or structured clothes, and finer fabrics that will give you a higher level of refinement, but skip those avant-garde cuts and silhouettes unless you’re heading to more formal occasions. Your everyday dressing might be overdressed compares to others who have a much more relaxed and casual dressing style. However, as long as you don’t look like attending a party or award’s night, it’ll be fine. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you may go for a structured military vest that can go well from a creative office look to casual weekends.

  1. Go for fine fabrics but steer clear from shiny ones.

elegant-turqouise-outfit-with-gold-jewelry wide-leg-jumpsuit-with-fur-collared-blazer trench-coat-with-tote-bag

Always consider the fabrics you’re choosing. Though silk, satin and such are great for more formal occasions, if you don’t want to look overdressed on your casual look, steer away from shiny fabrics. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, you may go for a chic jumpsuit topped with a fur collared coat on your casual weekends, though you may dress up a bit with an architectural outfit like Kristina Bazan wore for a party-related affair.

  1. Use accessories to change up your look.

checkered-pleated-skirt-with-pastel-blue-blazer chic-top-with-green-midi-skirt-and-statement-clutch nude-pumps-with-casual-chic-outfit

If you wish to look muted without looking bland, wear chic accessories with shine in smaller doses such as a necklace, clutch, shoes, or bag. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may go for an embellished clutch that can go well with a cashmere top and a bright green full skirt on more formal occasion. If you’re fond of wearing your chic outfits with casual ones, dress it up with a pair of pumps. Remember, changing your shoes will also change the way the whole outfit appears. If it’s a smart but not overly formal event, why not mix a little denim with something more sparkly or shiny to dress it up.

  1. Make a fashion statement with your confidence.

plum-accordion-skirt-with-gray-top purple-pumps-with-modern-classic-outfit trench-coat-with-leather-leggings-and-ethnic-bag

It’s also important to own your personal style, and even if that’s a more formal one than your contemporaries. Remember, if you are comfortable and confident in your clothes, people will get used to how you dress quickly, and may even start dressing a little more smartly themselves. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll be able to look smart on your everyday style without going overboard.

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