4 Myths about Buying Ethical Clothing Debunked

Ethical clothing may be expensive, and some can’t afford to buy a closet full of them. Whether you’re a woman looking for great savings on your closet, or someone who needs timeless basics to serve you in a lifetime, keep on reading for the 4 myths about buying ethical clothing that might inspire you to invest in them.

Myth #1: It’s a given that I will buy at least a dozen new items every season.


striped-pants-with-lightweight-top quirky-coat-with-skinny-jeans

Even though magazines and trend cycles make us feel obligated to keep up with every new fad on the market, it would be a financial disaster to buy more than a handful of fair trade clothing items every 6 months. However, if you’ve already have a basic wardrobe with quality pieces, you don’t need to buy more than a couple new things a year. You may have to buy less if you’re purchasing from more ethical brands, but that probably won’t hurt you in the long run. Most of the time, domestically produced items from small brands hold up better than fast fashion items, so you don’t have to replace your staples as often.

Myth #2: My profession, size, and location prevent me from buying from ethical retailers.

sheer-black-dress plaid-pants-with-crop-top-and-checkered-vest printed-sweater-with-masculine-shoes

The ethical market is still growing and it’s not always easy to find things that fit you well or suit your lifestyle. The key is buying well on ethical or secondhand options, knowing those pieces will last. In fact, you’ll save money over time, since it’s difficult to find well-made, comfortable shoes on the ethical market though there are a growing number of companies filling the void.

Myth #3: I can’t dress well with secondhand items.

fringed-skirt-with-sweater vintage-dress-with-chic-loafers graphic-print-pants-with-tank-top

You can start with thrift shopping if you’re on a tight budget. A lot of women insist that they can’t get high quality items at thrift shops, but maybe they just don’t regularly visit them. The thrift market is booming and it’s surprisingly easy to find something you like that’s in great condition. In fact, thrift shopping is a more ethical option, even if you’re buying conventional brands because you’re ensuring that you buy things that will last over fast fashion items that wear off quickly.

Myth #4: Ethical clothing is expensive.

bohemian-outfit-with-paisley-shawl bohemian-pants-with-tweed-blazer sweater-with-cuffed-jeasn-and-sneakers

Ethical clothing may be expensive, but they’re actually cheaper when it comes to cost per wear as most of them last for a lifetime over fast fashion items that will wear in a year or two. Remember, you can save more in the long run by making smarter, healthier, more loving purchasing decisions. You have more options than you might think. So, before heading to fast fashion stores and buy trendy pieces for the season, take some time to look for ethical clothing at thrift stores and local shops that might give you more fashionable style and timeless look.

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