4 Easy Tricks to Layer Your Jewelry

Layering jewelry is one of the trendy looks every fashion-forward woman should master. You can actually come up with new ways to wear jewelry that will mesh well together and look incredible on its own. So, keep on reading for our 4 easy tricks to layer your jewelry beautifully.

  1. Start to wear dainty jewelry together.

gold bracelets with mesh dress and silk scarf

minimalist style with stacked rings mercury sunbglasses with casual chic outfit beach outfit with fine jewelry checkered outfit with oxfords

If you have a minimalist style and wish to incorporate the trend on your looks, opt for simple, thin, and dainty jewelry as oversized and avant-garde styles won’t look complementing for your style. Like fashion blogger Jessica Stein, wear your gold rings altogether with your gold bracelets that will add some flair to your minimalist look. Though a dainty charm or pendant would work, keep your jewelry simple to avoid looking overdone. Or like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, layer some simple cuffs with your watch that will create a coordinating yet trendy look.

  1. Wear the same color of metals altogether for a polished look.

gold cuffs with rings stacked gold rings with turtlenecks sea shell inspired jewelry pearl necklace with silver cuffs

Fashion rules have taught us to wear gold with gold, silver with silver, and bronze with bronze, so we can create a polished look by sticking to the basic rule. Not until you got really into layering jewelry, you would never understand why someone would want two of the same exact ring. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, create a trendy yet simple statement by stacking three gold rings in a row that will look perfect, especially if they’re plain and simple. Or, find some cuffs with similar or dissimilar thickness and wear them on your wrist. Pair that with some statement rings, and you have yourself a jewelry look that you can wear to work. Midi rings mixed with knuckle rings will also create a completely unique look.

  1. Mix your metals.

arm party bracelets with classic outfit colorful layered bracelets colorful bracelets with boho chic outfit black and gold chain necklaces with edgy outfit gold with silver jewelry gold necklace with silver cuff and rings urban chic outfit with clutch

To create a fashion-forward style, break some rules by mixing your metals. You can actually see some of the street style stars wearing a ton of rings in different colors yet the jewelry looks effortlessly put together and completely wearable. Like Kristina Bazan, limit your rings to 3 fingers that will look creative and chic as it can be hard to pull off when you have more than ten pieces of jewelry on your hands while wearing a gold necklace. Also, wearing different colors of charm bracelets like emerald green, gold, and cream will create a cohesive look due to the similarity of their design.

  1. Opt for different length of necklaces when layering.

metallic silver necklace with silk jacket layered necklace with navy outfit layered jewelry with casual chic outfit gold chain necklace with fur vest and blazer chain necklace with chevron top and purple pants bib necklace with pearl choker

The important thing to remember when layering necklaces is to be sure the necklaces are all different lengths. However, it doesn’t always have to be so extreme that you feel like you should be at a music festival. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, incorporates three to four necklaces with the different style as long as it doesn’t double up in a strand so it wouldn’t seem like you just took every necklace you had in your jewelry box and blindly put them on. With our styling tricks, you’ll be able to layer your jewelry beautifully.

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