4 Chic Ways to Wear a Midi Skirt

Let’s admit it, not every one of us has been blessed with supermodel long legs so not all of us are confident enough to rock miniskirts and maxi skirts. If you, too, often find that miniskirts are too short and maxi skirts are too long for your legs, I think I have a solution for you and they’re quite versatile, too: midi skirts. Midi skirts are great for us women who just can’t seem to find the perfect skirt length that flatters our legs. They’re not too long nor too short and they don’t make your legs look awkward and stubby. In fact, when worn right, they can even make your legs look a little bit longer and sexier. If your style leans more towards the girly side, a midi skirt is definitely a must have for you. Check out these gorgeous ways to wear a midi skirt.

  • White – if you’re looking for a safe and easy way to rock a midi skirt, try wearing it white. White midi skirts are great if you’re new to wearing them and you want something that’s foolproof and sure to look chic. White midi skirts are perfect for summer as well because they give you that nice, clean and fresh look but you can definitely take them to fall and winter as well and pair them with darker colored tops and accessories. Wear your white midi skirt with white and other light neutral colors and you’ve got yourself a soft and chic minimalistic outfit.

street style white midi skirt

textured white midi skirt crisp white midi and denim jacket

  • Pleated – if your body type features a light top and you need something rather voluminous down below to balance it up, try wearing a pleated midi skirt. The pleats make the midi skirt look fuller so it’s perfect for creating and adding volume to balance out a heavy top. To make this work, try  not to wear tops that are voluminous as well – slightly fitted tops are more preferable.

blue pleated midi and white tank top pink pleated skirt yellow pleated skirt and lace top

  • Full – another way to balance out a top-heavy body type using a midi skirt is to wear a full one. Full skirts also have a very girly vibe to them so they’re great for achieving feminine looks. Wear them with well-fitting tops for best results. You can also pull off a Carrie Bradshaw and sport a full tulle skirt, that outfit would be killer!

black full midi skirt full midi skirt in mint greenwhite tulle skirt midi black and white full skirt

  • Pencil cut – now, if you have the most coveted body type of all time a.k.a the hourglass body type / figure, you can flaunt it by wearing a pencil cut midi skirt. Pencil cut skirts in general are great at emphasizing curves and wearing it at midi length will really make those legs look longer and sexier! Wear this to work with a top and a blazer or take the street style route and wear it with a pretty bandeau or crop top for a sexy summer look.

sexy pencil leather skirt outfit casual pencil midi skirt summer midi pencil skirt


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