4 Chic Ways to Follow the Distressed Skirt Trend

Whether you’re a street-chic type of girl or a fashion-forward woman, keep in mind that trends come and go. However, everything that was fashionable many years ago is back in fashion and retro denim skirts with distressed, ripped, frayed, and acid-washed style from the 90’s are back in such a big way. If you need some inspiration to follow this fashion trend, keep on reading for our chic ways of wearing them.

  1. Dress up your distressed denim skirt with a chic top.

chic top with acid washed denim skirt and boots

sexy lace up and top distressed denim skirt with blazer faded skirt with crochet top distressed denim skirt with button down top distressed denim skirt with button down shirt

Wearing distressed denim skirts with chic tops is the key to pulling off a smart and balanced looks. However, don’t dare to wear them in the office even you think of teaming them with your classic button down shirts as you won’t look professional. Instead, save them for your casual weekends and brunch with your friends. A fitted sweater, a sexy lace-up top, or a crochet top can be perfect with distressed denim skirts on your casual weekends. If you’re not a fan of a distressed look, think of acid-washed, faded, or frayed ones with minimal rips and tears.

  1. Add some polish to your entire outfit with a blazer.

acid washed denim skirt with chic top distressed denim skirt with white blazer distressed denim skirt with green blazer distressed denim skirt with graphic top and blazer

A blazer can add some smart and polished vibe to whatever outfits you’re wearing that’s why street style stars and fashion icons are donning them. To make everything chic, think of a white blazer that looks sleek and smart over printed ones which you can wear with your office outfits and easy party looks. If you’re wearing a graphic tee with your distressed skirt, dress it up a bit with a structured black blazer or even a tuxedo one that will add some edge to your style while making everything chic.

  1. Make your street style cool yet polished.

chambray top with denim skirt summer inspired top with denim skirt distressed denim skirt with floral sweater denim jacket with denim skirt

If you’re already wearing a distressed denim skirt, avoid creating a sloppy look by pairing it with a ragged top. Though you can always make your street style cool as always, think of balance and proportions so you’ll end up with a cohesive look. Like fashion blogger Zanita Whittington, think of a quirky or novelty print blouse that will look cool yet chic with a distressed denim skirt. Instead for going for a faded or ripped denim jacket, think of embellished ones that can add some spice to your outfit without making it a bit sloppier.

  1. Add some flair to your casual outfit with statement accessories or shoes.

striped blouse with denim skirt statement necklace and distressed denim skirt with with yellow top distressed skirt with classic top and espadrilles

Whether you have that casual or trendy style, adding statement accessories like necklaces, haute couture earrings, or even catchy shoes and clutch can be great. Like fashion blogger Michelle Krusi, add some playful vibe to your street style by carrying a clock-inspired clutch with your denim skirt and striped top. Or, add some prints with your leopard print sneakers that can be ideal for a minimalist woman like Jessica Stein. This way, you’ll make the distressed denim skirt chic for you.

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