13 Street Style Outfits from Taylor Marie Hill

She is a wonderful addition to the famous Victoria’s Secret Angels since 2015 and is slowly getting more popular with her doleful eyes and slightly bushy eyebrows that may remind people subtly of the fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn: Taylor Marie Hill. Some are fascinated by her beachy long hair and pillowy, lush lips that make up her bombshell features. And others, like me, are totally in love with her simple yet stylish model off-duty/basic style.

Taylor Marie Hill is definitely one to look for if you are opting for subtle model off-duty looks that is definitely wearable in the streets. Her wardrobe mainly composes of basic pieces in neutral shades such as black, white and nudes. And they are mainly in simple designs or tailoring, meaning, they are pretty much versatile looks that you can pair up with anything. Yet, the impact of her model off-duty looks are so great that it certainly made her one of the basic chic-styled women to look out for. And the best part of this entire thing is: they are so easy to recreate! Here are 13 street style outfit ideas from Taylor Marie Hill.

A very simple thing that anyone could whip up is pairing up a white button-down shirt and black leather pants and then accessorizing with black bag and a pair of black booties. Or basically, any white top and black leather bottoms. You have to take note of finding that perfect sleek and chic balance, though, to pull it off Taylor Marie Hill style.

white button down Taylor Marie Hill

leather skirt and knee high boots Taylor Marie Hill

Otherwise, if you are going for a slightly comfortable look with still a dash of sleekness in it, you can simply replace that tailored top with a cozy oversized sweater top and you will be good to go!

oversized sweater Taylor Marie Hill

Going all black, as they say, is not for the weak. But that does not mean that it is not super duper difficult. It really has to do with incorporating pieces in different textures, as you can’t really do a lot with a monochromatic outfit. You may have something tailored added in your outfit, something loose and silky or billowy, or a fabric that is naturally textured like leather or wool or suede. It is definitely important to add out textures so as not to make your monochromatic look too one-dimensional.

vest and Birkenstock Taylor Marie Hill leather romper Taylor Marie Hill

Adding a girly essence to a typical model off-duty look may be pretty hard for the first-timers as model off-duty basically incorporates modern chic, androgynous styles and timeless pieces. If you are opting for this route, take Taylor Marie Hill for an example: go for neutral girly-ish colors like nude pink in more feminine pieces like a loose tank top inserted under an A-line mini skirt. It also helps to have a lush wavy mane like Taylor Marie Hill’s.

tank top and skirt Taylor Marie Hill

Especially when it is during the colder weather, the outerwear that you will wear will be the center of attention when you flaunt your outfit in the streets. Oftentimes, when you are opting for an attention-grabbing outerwear, you may want to pull on versatile and basic pieces to layer underneath the outerwear of your choice.

parka Taylor Marie Hill trench coat and sneakers Taylor Marie Hill long cardigan Taylor Marie Hill

So what do you wear when you are attending an event? Like everything else in fashion, it may depend on the kind of event that you will be going to. For casual hanging out with friends, you can pull on your fave graphic tee and a pair of leather pants for an edgy but casual look.

graphic tee all black Taylor Marie Hill

If it is a business-related event, taking your tailored blazer, shirt, and favourite corporate bag out will create a great outfit choice.

blazer Taylor Marie Hill

And lastly, if it is something that needs to be formal, you can either go for a dressy top and silk waist-high trousers ensemble or a simple light colored dress and pair it up with a dark tint on your lips for a dramatic events-appropriate look.

allblack lacy Taylor Marie Hillsimple white dress Taylor Marie Hill

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