10 Stylish Color Pairs of Brown

Simple and muted, brown color may be the most grounded shade that can make your style a bit earthy, primitive, or even vintage. If you’re looking for stylish color pairs for your brown outfit and accessories, keep on reading for our 10 picks.

  1. Brown with White

brown pants with white button down shirt

white denim jeans with brown coat white lace dress with brown tote bag

This is probably one of the most timeless pairs you can ever pick. Brown paired with pure white looks chic and classy that can add some grounded feel to your street style. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, trade your jeans with a pair of brown pants and wear it with your crisp white button-down shirt for a casual-chic street style.

  1. Brown with Yellow

brown pants with mustard turtleneck top yellow pants with leopard print blouse yellow pants with brown turtleneck top mustard scarf with brown fur scarf

Of all the color combinations you can get from brown, teaming it with yellow looks great since brown comes like a natural soothing tone for the catchy yellow shades. If you’re a fan of bright colors, go for a pair of neon yellow pants to spice up your leopard print top like Annabelle Fleur did. Brown is actually compatible with all the shades of yellow from pale to sunny. But, if you’re aiming for a more classic look, go for the mustard shades of yellow like mustard to give a lower color contrast on your outfit.

  1. Brown with Orange

navy blue top and leopard print pants with brown coat orange pants with brown coat orange lace up dress with brown gladiator sandals orange bandana with brown coat and skinny pants

Being a bright and energetic shade, orange complements the darker hues of chocolate brown perfectly acting as a harmonic counterbalance for it. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, opt for an orange lace up dress and wear it with a pair of brown gladiator sandals to make your style cheery with a Greek-goddess vibe. Indeed, this is one of the comfiest and most charming color combinations you may opt for.

  1. Brown with Green

brown coat with green floral dress striped outfit with brown belt and clutch green top with brown coat and white jeans

Make your fashion style a bit earthy by resembling the brown earth and green grass color combination. From cappuccino shades to sand brown and from grass green to olive, all the tones are compatible with each other. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, go for a striped dress win green color if wearing green in solid blocks of color doesn’t sound nice to you, and polished your outfit with a brown belt, brown clutch, and a pair of brown sandals.

  1. Brown with Pink

old rose dress with brown belt and sandals pink pants with brown turtleneck top and coat

For the fans of top sweet and humble pairs, team your pink pieces with brown ensembles. Brown shades marvelously soothes the pink hues giving you some edge to wear pink in a grown-up way. Like Annabelle Fleur, add a brown belt with your old rose wrap dress to make your style a bit feminine and classy. Play up with the cool shades of pink and brown and be sure to create a lower color contrast, therefore making your looks feminine and chic.

  1. Brown with Blue

blue coat with brown outfit and red bag camel coat and brown boots and envelope clutch flared blue jeans with brown coat striped dress and blue coat with brown boots

For fresh and creative looks, you may also experiment with the duo of blue with brown, having the most charming and sky touching looks as a result of matching the shades of blue with chocolate tones of brown. For your casual style, think of your blue pair of jeans that’s highly compatible with brown wool coats to bring back the classic feel on your casual street style.

  1. Brown with Red

red bag and gloves with brown velvet top and skinny pants red coat with brown pants

Brown with red color combination is one of the most daring and bold versions for matching brown. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, creatively opt for red gloves and bag to add some pop of color to your brown outfit. Just keep in mind that you can’t use this color combination for a business meeting, though it can still be a good option to spice up your casual and party looks.

  1. Brown with Gray

brown skirt with gray top gray sweater with brown fur coat

Wearing brown with softer hues creates a harmonious and soft color combination. Instead of wearing brown with brown, simply go for gray to create some interest without clashing with the humble shade. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may go for different shades of brown on your outfit, but keep a hint of gray on it to avoid the boring and dull monochromatic outfit.

  1. Brown with Black

black leather jacket with brown pants brown and black outfit with ankle strap sandals black bag and printed dress with trench coat

Black is one of the shades, which never gets old-fashioned, so choosing this pair is always a good idea. However, black with brown creates a high color contrast making the color combination not pleasing and soft to the eyes. To avoid this, you may incorporate some neutral prints like a black-and-white-striped top to wear with your black leather jacket and brown pants creating a break between the two colors.

  1. Brown with Turquoise

turquoise pants with brown shirt turquoise dress with brown belt bright blue pumps with brown coat

For your top successful party looks, you can have the luxurious brown shades combined with turquoise and get the memorable looks you’ve always wanted to have. Fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur opted for a brown belt to give some unexpected touch to her turquoise dress making it look trendier and fashion-forward.

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