10 Sporty Outfits to Get Your Olympics Vibes Going

Not many fashion enthusiasts end up being sports lovers but that doesn’t mean we ignore the whole world of athletics altogether. Even if we don’t usually participate in actual sports, we all love doing a little sports-themed look every once in a while, especially when there’s a big sporting event going on like the Olympics which, by the way, is happening right now. To show your support, the fashionista way, why not wear something Olympics-themed? Here are some sporty outfits to get your Olympics vibes going.


  1. Training in gray – get that athlete off-duty look by heading out in a matching tracksuit like this chic one that’s perfect for actual exercise or for just running errands. It’s comfy, it’s sporty and it’s very stylish, too.training sporty look gray
    training in gray
  2. Cheering for the team – who says you have to be a cheerleader to cheer for your country in the Olympics? This cute schoolgirl cheerleader-inspired outfit is the perfect one to wear on game day, whatever country it is that you are rooting for!cheerleader inspired
  3. Sporty retro chic – love the 90s comeback trend happening right now? Check out this sporty retro-ish 90s look that can be achieved with a denim jacket, a pair of sweats, and high top sneakers. Add in a leather purse to give it a bit of a posh vibe and you’re good to go.retro sporty chic
  4. Parisian style – want to do how Parisians do sporty style? Check out the pic below to get your inspiration.Parisian style sporty look
  5. Matched up – get all matchy with coordinates if you’re aiming for a look that’s sporty but also chic and stylish. Wear your coordinates set with trendy pieces for a more lush sporty look.matched up
  6. Athleisure-like – not a fan of dressing down, even for the simplest occasions? Why not dress up casual pieces instead? Check out this posh look finished up with sneakers. posh dress sporty look
  7. Festival meets sporty – it’s a wonderful thing when two gorgeous looks collide and that is exactly what is happening here in this picture.bff sporty attitude
  8. Trousers and sneakers – not everyone can pull off wearing sneakers with a pair of trousers but, apparently, Victoria is everyone and she can pull off the combo ever so effortlessly without exerting too much effort.trousers and sneakers vb style
  9. Everyday athletic – of course, if you’re more of a minimalist, there are tons of looks out there for you, too, like this simple everyday athletic outfit that Gigi Hadid is wearing.everyday atheletic
  10. Ultra posh – going monochromatic with a sporty look is super easy and it creates a super posh look, too. Just take a look at this ensemble by Bella Hadid, for example.ultra posh


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