Winter White Pieces to Help You Copy Solange’s Bridal Look

You must be tired of seeing pictures and news articles of Solange’s wedding everywhere by now. It’s on the news, in newspapers and magazines, on social media – just everywhere and no matter how much you say you’re sick of it, one thing remains true: this wedding is one of the chicest of the year yet. It’s classy but not in a conventional way and all the modern twists on everyone’s outfits made Solange’s big day a fashion gold mine. If you’re wondering about it, check out these winter white piece to help you copy Solange’s bridal look.

solange and alan

solange jumpsuit solange wedding portrait

  • A WHITE JUMPSUIT – that’s right. instead of a traditional wedding dress / gown, Solange chose to wear a white jumpsuit on her wedding day. It was actually more of a cream color which stood out among a sea of whites during the whole ceremony and it was absolutely gorgeous. The low – cut jumpsuit Solange wore was by Stephane Roland and you can get the same look with any white / off white / cream colored jumpsuit that features a sexy, low neckline.

wrap style cream jumpsuit cream jupmsuit outfit sexy jumpsuit

  • A WHITE CAPE – adding drama and flare to Solange’s modern bridal look was a cape. She had a cape for both her ceremony bridal ensemble as well as her outfit for the formal wedding portraits. If you’re going to add a cape to your Solange – inspired look, too, make sure to go for a full-length one to really get a lot of movement and drama into your look.

floor length white cape simple white cape white cape victoria beckham white fur coat


  • HIGH NECK FLOOR-LENGTH DRESS – speaking of formal wedding portraits, Solange chose to wear a white high neck floor-length dress with full sleeves on for the photos. The couple requested the guests to come in white ensembles as well and this produced a very well put together overall look for their wedding. Solange’s dress also featured a floor-length cape which gave her a very regal look.

white long sleeved dress simple white dress

  • WHITE TOP – don’t think you’ll look good in a jumpsuit or a straight up long dress? Another option you can take is to create a monochromatic outfit in white instead. Start off with a white or cream colored top, depending on which look you’d like to recreate and pair it up with pants in the same color. If you’re going for the jumpsuit look, make sure your top has a rather low neckline. If it’s the dress outfit you’re copying, pick a white top that’s got a really high neckline.

simple white top low neckline white top long sleeved white top

  • WHITE PANTS – for the jumpsuit look, you’ll want to wear your cream white top with cream white pants. You can go for a whiter white if you would like, too. Pants should not have a skinny fit but rather more of a straight cut trouser-y one.

high waisted white trousers trousers outfit in white trousers outfit white trouser pants

  • WHITE MAXI SKIRT – for the dress look, you can wear your white top with a white maxi skirt. Go for a simple skirt silhouette with little to no additional design or details to really get that minimalistic look.

aline white maxi skirt maxi skirt outfit cream maxi skirt


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