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Why i am on a spending ban

spending ban.

Let me start with saying it’s not a fully fledged i am never spending a penny spending ban. However i have decided to take a leaf out of A thrifty mrs blog & rein it in. I have made a promise to myself, i can only purchase something that is needed, i.e if something runs out. I have enough lipstick to see me through to next year without ever buying more. I have also decided on a one in, one out rule, if i want something desperately (i really want to try babylips) i need to use up at least one lipbalm/product.

My stash is beyond what i can actually use, the same goes for skin care and shower gel, i just feel like all this money has been spent and things dont ever get used up, because im forever using the newest. So, expect reviews of older products, or once before reviewed for a more up to date opinion. Wish me luck!