When Should You Consider a New Wardrobe?

Updating your basic essentials may be great, but sometimes it doesn’t work, especially if there are big changes in your life that need changing your entire wardrobe. Since building a great wardrobe doesn’t happen overnight, keep on reading for the situations that call for a new wardrobe, so you’ll get some warning.

When you’ve gained or lost a significant amount of weight…

coat with casual outfit and printed clutch

sweater with pants and pastel bag layered outfit with jeans

If you’ve gained or lost a significant amount of weight, have a set of clothes that will flatter your body now, not the one you want. Wearing bulging clothes or too loose ones will be unflattering and only draw unwanted attention to your look. More than that, wearing clothes you’re uncomfortable with can affect your self-confidence and mood. So, go for ones that you feel beautiful in, and forget about the future. If your weight changes again, you have to update your closet or tailor your clothes if possible.

When you’ve moved in a different environment, or seasonal country…

layered outfit with slip on sneakers ruffled chambray dress oversized coat with all black outfit

You’ve gone from skiing in Vermont to sunbathing in California, or you’ve gone from working on the sales floor to sitting behind a desk. If you’ve moved recently and you want to blend in with the natives or have a new job in a different environment, the first step is to update the essential clothing items in your closet. It will help you look like you belong.

When you started a new life or changed lifestyle…

casual navy outfit sporty chic outfit with neon flats chic puff sleeved dress

Whether you’re fresh out of college and started a new job, or go from a casual look to dressy look, your wardrobe needs to reflect that. If you’ve changed from minimalist style to a more colorful style, you have to go for colorful clothes as well as some pop of neon on your accessories to complement your new theme. Also, if you’ve gone from an environment where t-shirts and jeans were acceptable to one where tailored pants are the only way to go, then your look needs an update.

When you need to dress up for a new job…

casual work outfit leather trousers with blazer chunky sweater with skinny jeans and loafers

They say you should dress for the job you want, and for good reason. Whether you moved from a conservative office to a casual office, or a casual office to a creative office, your work outfits must complement your theme so you’ll look work-appropriate while looking stylish.

When you’ve change the color of your hair…

printed pants with chic top pastel blue biker jacket with culottes casual cool outfit

If you’re a brunette and changed the color of your hair to blonde or even black, it changes your look completely. You will realize that a change in hair color will inspire a change in look, and most often require a shift in the colors of your clothes to complement your new hair. By considering these drastic changes in your life, you’ll be at an advantage to prepare for building a new wardrobe and experiencing new style. Having a sense of style and knowing what works for you will make the process all the more enjoyable and exciting.

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