What you Need to Get the Geek Chic Style

The geek chic style is back with a fashion vengeance! Formerly reserved for A+ graders and Ivy Leaguers, this trend has been transformed as one of the hottest fashions of today. Get the smart yet stylish look with these must-have items for a geek chic style.

Optical Glasses

Whether you’re near-sighted or not, a pair of optical glasses is what you need to achieve a cute geek chic style. For the best look, make use of mid-sized lenses. While black rims are classically great, you can always create your own sense of style by choosing frames in unique colors and prints.


geek chic glasses

Tie-Neck Top

A tie-neck top is another one of the requirements to attain a nerdy yet fashionable geek chic style. It looks well with virtually any pair of bottoms, though it would be advisable if you pair it up with other geek chic style must-haves which will be mentioned below.

tie blouse tie neck blouse

Graphic Tee

If you want a casual geek chic style, then know that you can never go wrong in a graphic tee. Whether it’s oversized or fitted, a graphic tee can make you look years younger! With the resurgence of Marvel and DC characters as well as Japanese anime heroes, you don’t have to worry about running out of ideas for your nerdy outfit.

superfriends graphic top black graphic top

Pleated Skirt

If you are aiming for a schoolgirl, geek chic style look, then you better invest in a few pleated skirts. This smartly styled ensemble can be worn with anything – although it wouldn’t hurt if you go all-out with a ‘nerdy’ tie-neck top. Although it can make you look smart, this skirt can also create different looks, depending on the way you style it.

plaid pleated skirt green pleated skirt

Leather Satchel

While a youthful backpack is part of the geek chic style, it is best if you elevate your look by investing in a good leather satchel. This structured and spacey tote is perfect for days when you need to bring a lot of things. While leather satchels are undoubtedly expensive, there are cheaper versions which will surely fit the bill as well.

brown leather satchel
black leather satchel

Penny Loafers

A geek chic style look is definitely incomplete with a pair of penny loafers. This footwear is a must-have especially for women who want to be fashionable yet comfy all at the same time. While it looks stunning with most geek chic style pieces, penny loafers can be worn with other ensembles to provide a cool nerdy influence.

black penny loafersbrown penny loafers

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