What To Wear With Short Hair

If you looking for ideas about what to wear with short hair , or how to dress up when you have short hair then check out these tips .

So,Which Outfits Best Match Short Hair ?

1. Black and Sleeveless Pieces. These ae one of the hottest things included in what to wear with short hair. Wear black as much as possible. If you’ve seen In Time starring Amanda Seyfried, get inspired by her chic LBD looks. It doesn’t matter if your hair is pixie cut , or whatever bob it is. Always strive for class and comfort. A little black dress can always make you feel at ease and safe from the fashion police.Amanda Seyfried short hair black dress

pixie cut outfitshort hair black dress

2.  Open shoulder and Strapless Numbers. Sweetheart, tube, or any style of strapless and open shoulder is best worn in a dress and tops . See how Michelle Williams radiates with her face and pixie hairstyle. Wearing strapless lets the outfit flaunt your shot hair, neck, and focus on the face. Choose dresses that are bold, striking, and elegant. Bright, block, neutral, dull and pastel colors- all of them. They can make you look even better with that haircut.

whattowearwithshorthair5what to wear with short hairshort hair and off the shoulder topsarah harding hairstyleshort hair and top

3. Well-defined Collars. When having short hair, the back of your neck, or the neck itself isn’t much covered. When you want to cover up, collars of all kinds except the really small ones are very flattering for short locks. The looks to don are many, but most popular everywhere includes Lil Miss Sunshine Style in candy, coral, mint, nude, and summer colors. Wednesday Adams look is also very admirable in short hair.

whattowearwithshorthair19medium bob outfitdenim jacket and short bob haircut

4. Bib/Collar  or Statement Necklaces. Nothing can be more stylish than statement collar necklaces. They can be worn over and over on any outfit, may it be your sleeveless top or strapless frock.short hair bib necklace short hair  and statement necklace short hairstyle and statement necklace

5. Layered outfit . Women with short hair should wear this style because its fluffy layers and hems give volume to the outfit, making hair stand out on top. It’s alright to accessorize in doubles, triples, or even arm party bracelets.  Avoid styles that are too volume-y for they might make you look pregnant.layered outfit short pixie and scarf what to wear with short hairstyle

6. Open and Cut-out Backs. Cutaways make short hair even sexier. Designers usually get creative and experimental with back styles that they come up with unique and sexy cuts for the back of an outfit. Keep hair shot if you want to continue wearing them. Longer hair tends to hide the beauty of the cutaway back. Wear them the way you would wear a tank or strapless dress.short hair open back top