What to Wear with Printed Pants

Printed pants are fun, flirty alternatives to your usual trousers and jeans. With its wide variety of styles and designs, you can be modishly unique in any one of them. Thinking of what to wear with your printed pants? Here are some sophisticated styling ideas:

Sassy with a Sweater

An elegant sweater is a great match for printed pants, especially this fall and autumn. Not only is it effortlessly chic, it can keep you nippy as well.

printed pants and sweater

cardigan and printed pants

Lovely with Layers

While printed pants are undeniably casual, you can wear them at work as well. The key is layering it with stylish work pieces, such as a tailored blazer and a collared top.

printed pants for the officeprinted pants for work

blazer and printed pants

Luxurious with Leather

A leather jacket is a good piece of outerwear to keep you stylish these cold months. It’s best worn with a leopard print pant, although it generally looks great with any design.

printed pants and leather

printed pants with leather

Cute with Chambray

For a softer, flirtier look this fall, match your printed pants with a chambray top. You can wear it as it is, or you can use it as a blazer on top of a girly blouse or a simple tank top.

chambray and printed pants

Gorgeous with a Graphic Tee

Achieve a geek chic style with printed pants by wearing it with a graphic tee. While it works on its own, you can layer it with a jacket or a coat for additional warmth.

casual top and printed pants

Casual with a Crop Top

Crop tops are all the rage today, and it does not come as a surprise that it looks good with printed pants. Although this tandem is better for summer and spring, you can make it autumn-worthy by adding outerwear (such as leather or chambray.)

crop top with printed pants

crop top and printed pants

Wonderful with a White Top

You can never go wrong with a white top. It’s the safest choice with printed pants – especially during the warmer seasons.

summer printed pants

printed pants for summer

Tantalizing with a Tank Top

Look casually chic by wearing your printed pants with a plain top. For the ultimate style, accessproze with a statement necklace or a chunky bracelet!

bright floral pants

black top and printed pants

Give your denims and trousers their much-needed rest. Opt for printed bottoms – with the suggested pairings – and look exquisitely cool this holiday season.

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