What to Wear With Leopard Print Footwear

Bold, fierce, and expressive, leopard print shoes are always in fashion so they don’t have to be too scary. With our styling tricks, you’ll be able to make your footwear make a bold statement for you in a classy yet glamorous way. So, keep on reading for our styling tricks.

Choose a leopard print that works with your complexion.


layered-outfit-with-leopard-print-sneakers all-white-outfit-with-mustard-coat-and-leopard-pumps-with-blue-tribal-necklace

Depending on your complexion, leopard prints can make or break your look. If you’re cool-toned with a fair complexion, opt for lighter variants of leopard pattern, while women with dark and olive complexions will look more flattering in darker variants of leopard print. Though there are some eccentric color combinations of leopard prints like hot pink, cobalt blue, green, purple, and such, brown and black seem to be the most elegant and classy of them all.

Get a cohesive look by wearing outfits in the undertone of your prints.

leopard-print-boots-with-rock-outfit sleeveless-jacket-with-leopard-print-sandals nude-bodysuit-with-leather-skirt

Just like colored shoes, leopard print shoes add interest and detail. Like fashion blogger Dawilda Gonzalez, create a cohesive look by going for a nude top and camel skirt that looks perfect with your classic leopard print sandals. Also, neutrals work great with them, but better stick to your leopard print undertone to get that cohesive and statement-making looks.

Incorporate some prints on your outfit if you are worried about your shoes standing out.

leopard-print-shoes-and-vintage-bag-with-casual-chic-outfit zebra-skirt-with-leopard-pumps-and-chic-sweater snake-print-shorts-and-leopard-print-flats-with-button-down-shirt

Leopard print shoes are bold, but if you find them stealing the unwanted attention, you may wear a patterned top. Go for a more subtle print if you don’t want your shoes to be a huge feature. You may team pattern with pattern, as long as the colors relate, will diffuse the boldness of the shoes. Also, you may think of a polka dots blouse teamed with jeans and leopard print pumps like fashion blogger Blair Eadie did. You may add a necklace that is made of multiple small roundish elements as this repeats the pattern of the leopard print, but in a more subtle way.

Match your footwear with your accessories.

leopard-boots-and-shawl-with-casual-outfit leopard-print-pumps-with-green-dress leopard-print-bag-and-pumps-with-bllack-lace-dress

Wear a belt or another element in leopard print as it could be leopard bangles, a leopard scarf or belt.  This extra element will draw the eye up the body and create harmony with the shoes. If you think two leopard prints on your outfit feels too much, simply go for a brown belt like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu did, wearing a green dress with her leopard pumps. If you’re wearing a plain lace dress like fashion blogger Blair Eadie wore, think of adding some flair with a pair of leopard print shoes teamed with a leopard print handbag. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to make a bold statement with your leopard print footwear in a classy and glamorous way.

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