What to Wear with Birkenstocks

With so many trends from the 90s making a comeback in the fashion industry today, one of the things that we’re seeing loads of this spring are Birkenstocks. These used to be exclusive to hippies back in the 90s but today, all of the most stylish ladies in fashion own a pair. If you plan on getting yourself a pair of Birks for spring and summer this year, check out these ideas on what to wear with Birkenstocks below.

  • JEANS – jeans and Birks make for the perfect everyday casual laidback outfit. Finish off your look with a simple, possibly even slouchy, t-shirt for a quick run to the store or to the shops or wear something a little dressier if you’re going out to grab a quick bite or coffee with your gal pals. You can even wear it with your boyfriend jeans for a very low key look that’s super chic and stylish.

jeans and black birks

jeans and birks

  • YOUR BIKINI – Birks and bikinis? Yes please! Birks are the perfect footwear for the beach because they can protect your feet and won’t trap sand in to make sure you don’t feel uncomfortable while enjoying the sun, sand and sea. They also add a rather casual vibe to tame down your very sexy bikini look.

bikini and wrap with birks

  • SKIRTS – if you love the comfort of wearing skirts but you aren’t so much of a fan of the ultra girly look you always end up with when you wear them, why not try wearing skirts with a pair of Birkenstocks? Birks can add that subtle masculine vibe to an otherwise super sweet and girly look.

skirt and birks all white outfit skirt and birkenstocks outfit

  • DRESSES – if you’re more of a dresses kind of girl rather than skirts or jeans, you can also pair your Birks with your favorite frocks. As with skirts, a pair of Birkenstocks worn with a cute dress can take away some of the girliness in the look by adding a very subtle masculine vibe to it. It’s a great way to dress down a rather dressy piece and make it suitable for everyday looks.

dress hat and birks outfit dress and cardigan paired with birks

  • SHORTS – another chic casual everyday look that you can put together for spring and summer is the Birks and shorts combo. Birkenstocks go with just about any kind of shorts but they look best with denims, especially the cut-off ones.

shorts stripes and birks shorts denim cut off

  • A BASIC OUTFIT – if you’re planning on going normcore, a pair of Birks will surely come in handy. The simple but functional design that most Birkenstock sandals have make them a great addition to any normcore look.

normcore birks look normcore birks outfit

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