What to Wear with an Off Shoulder Top

With the days getting warmer and warmer, the need for lighter and airier pieces of clothing becomes more of a must. One of the things that are super hot and on trend right now is the off shoulder top. Thanks to it’s chic and unique shoulder baring style, fashion and style enthusiasts can look great and feel comfy, too, all at the same time. In case you’re wondering, here are some ideas on what o wear with an off shoulder top.

  1. Skinny fit jeans – if what you have is a loose and flowy off shoulder top then it’s best to pair it up with skinny fit jeans. You can go with regular blue jeans for a classic casual feel or black or white skinny jeans for a dressier touch. The combination of these two pieces together make for a well balanced outfit silhouette.jeans skinny fit and off shoulder top
    jeans skinny fit and off shoulder top
  2. Miniskirt – want to create a cute and sexy summer look? Go ahead and wear those off shoulder tops with fun miniskirts. The combination of these two reveal just the right amount of skin for summer to keep you cool.miniskirt and off shoulder top
  3. Maxi skirt – going Boho? Try pairing up your off shoulder top with a nice and flowy maxi skirt. Finish the look off with some strappy sandals and statement accessories (chunky wood beads preferred) and you’re good to go.maxi skirt and off soulder top
  4. Full midi skirt – for a more polished and sophisticated look, you can wear your off shoulder top with a full midi skirt instead. This outfit combo makes for some serious street style fashion statement. Go for an off shouldered top that’s fitted so you can tuck it into your skirt for a cleaner look.full midi skirt full striped midi skirt and striped off shoulder top
  5. Culottes – think piling up two trendy pieces in one look is a bad idea? Think again! Apparently, culottes and off shouldered tops, both hot and trendy pieces for the season, go really well together.culottes and white off shouder top
  6. Shorts – another really easy way to pull off a quick and stylish summer look is to wear your off shoulder top with cute shorts. Any type / style of shorts will do. This combo is great for everyday summer looks though you can start wearing them as early as spring, too.shorts and off shoulder top
  7. Statement necklace – off shoulder tops tend to leave you looking bare on the upper half so be sure to accessorize to keep your look from being boring. Go for a statement necklace to dress up the bare area. Chokers are great if you’re wearing your hair up while long necklaces are great if you’re wearing it down. Bib necklaces will look super chic with an off shoulder top, too.statement necklace outfit


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