What to Wear When Auditioning as a Model

Being a fashion model is one of the most glamorous jobs in the world but it’s not the easiest and getting in can prove to be quite a challenge if you have no idea about how the fashion world works. I know a lot of young women who aspire to be fashion models and I don’t blame them for their dream. After all, who wouldn’t want to be garbed up in fancy shmancy designer clothing and walk up and down the runway while everyone stares with envy, right? Well, there’s more to modeling than just that and if you want to know what else happens backstage, you can either be a member of the press / media or a model. If you plan on being the latter, one of the first steps to being closer to that is to audition. Model auditions are called go-sees and this is where potential clients will ask you to show them what you’ve got. Aside from skills, first impression is very important too and what you wear to a go-see will affect people’s first impression of you greatly. Check out these tips on what to wear when auditioning as a model.

  • Minimal makeup – when coming in to a go-see, try not to put on loads of makeup. Your potential client wants to see your natural beauty so he has an idea of what your features are like and if your ‘look’ fits the image of his brand. Conceal your blemishes and brighten up with light blush and some lip gloss or lip stain and you’re all set. There’s really no need to do a full face.

simple and basic

denim on denim for go see

  • Basic clothes – another thing to remember when coming in for a go-see is that your client can possibly ask you to put on some clothes from their own line or collection just to see if the style is compatible with your overall look (in other words, they try to see if it ‘looks and feels right’) so make sure you have nothing on that will require half an hour to put on and take off. Remember that time is precious for these clients so everything needs to be done quickly.

summer go to outfit black go see dress

  • No layering – aside from the fact that it adds to the pieces that you might be required to take off, layering adds bulk to your silhouette and clients always want to see the simplest, most uncomplicated silhouette when they’re holding auditions for aspiring models. Wear something that would give your client a good glimpse of your silhouette like a basic t-shirt and jeans kind of outfit.

fuss free go see outfit taupe basic dress

  • Heels – if you have other places to go after the go-see and you have to be out running and walking all day, feel free to wear flats but make sure you bring heels along that you can wear once you are called in for the go-see. Your client will want to see how well you walk in heels because that’s mainly what you’ll be doing if you ever get in.

girly go see outfit white shirt and jeans outfit

  • Avoid flashy accessories – belly buttons rings, chunky necklaces, fancy body jewelry – all these are unnecessary accessories that you shouldn’t bother wearing to a go-see. ‘Come as you are’ is what most clients would often advise aspiring models so listen to them and, well, come as you are.

simple all black outfit nice and basic outfit


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