What to Wear to California in Winter

Winter in California is different in so many ways that winter in other places. For one, it isn’t as cold and there’s rarely any snow (at least in SoCal, that is). A typical (Southern) California winter is just like any other day – warm and sunny during the day (though sometimes a cool breeze will blow through) and breezy and chilly during the night. So, what would it be like to dress up for this kind of winter? Check out these tips on what to wear to California in winter below.

  • REGULAR OUTERWEAR – there’s really no need for thick and heavy coats when you’re in California during winter time. You regular coat / jacket will do and you might even have to keep it off until nighttime because it’s usually rather warm in CA. Even a light denim jacket is usually enough to keep you warm in winter in California.

outerwear camel coat

outerwear for winter in cali

  • JEANS – jeans are one of those few pieces that you can keep in your closet all year round and wear, too. Because snow isn’t often an issue in California, you don’t have to worry about your jeans getting wet and drenched cold in snow so if you’re looking for something to keep your legs warm, this one is your best bet.

jeans outfit jeans for winter in cali

  • TIGHTS AND LEGGINGS – if, on the other hand, you don’t feel like wearing jeans or you simply want something lighter or perhaps even something to wear with your dresses, a pair of leggings or tights should do it for you. Pick out a pair in a vibrant color or one with an interesting print. California is no place to sport the usual dull and dark winter colors so feel free to get all spring and summer-y with your outfit.

leggings in galaxy print leggings in leather leggings in plain black

  • LONG SLEEVED SHIRTS / TOPS – although winter is never really that cold in Cali, it’s always better to be safe and keep yourself a little warmer than usual and you can do that by opting for long sleeved shirts / tops instead of the usual tee or tank.

long sleeved top outfit long sleeve stripe top long sleeved top

  • SHORTS AND LEGGINGS – apparently, this combo is rather popular in California during winter and I think it’s a great way to layer up without getting too warm. If you think it’s a little too warm outside, you can substitute leggings with tights instead.

shorts and leggings shorts and tights with flats shorts and tights

  • WEAR ANY KIND OF SHOES YOU LIKE – here’s the great thing about winter in California: you don’t have to wear boots if you don’t want to. Because there is no snow, you can pretty much wear any kind of shoes that you like, be it heels, wedges or even flats.

winter shoes pink flats winter shoes heels

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