What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

You may know how to dress fashionably, to pick the most stylish accessories, and to layer for a cold season, but achieving all these goals in a single outfit is a quite challenging. Since winter weddings challenge us to keep warm while looking stylish and festive, keep on reading to scoop some of our stylish tricks.

cashmere coat with nude dress

chic outfit with hat and bib necklace feminine dress with chic hat and fur scarf knitted scarf and top with cashmere skirt winter outfit with red bag

To keep you warm during the occasion in the cold season, wear your most stylish winter-accessories like a fur scarf, knitted scarf, winter hat, leather gloves, knitted gloves, as well as sparkly jewelry and sexy shoes that will look great in the winter atmosphere. Beautiful gloves or a vintage hat can give your look a dash of retro-inspired glam as it adds a protective layer between you and the weather. Neutral colored fur scarf and hats can be used to dress down your too formal looks while an emerald necklace and a red bag can spice your outfit instantly. You’ve got to keep your feet covered, so open-toed shoes and sandals look out-of-place in the winter even if the reception hall is warm. Be tasteful picking the accessories that match with your outfit and personality to create the looks you’re aiming for.

black maxi dress fur collar dress with black shoes maxi dress with tweed blazer pastel outfit with chic shoes

You can still doll yourself up in ruffles and flowing fabrics even in winter weddings. Just keep in mind that fabrics like lace and chiffon are generally lightweight leaving you exposed to the wind. So opt for heavier fabrics like fur, tweed, wool, cashmere and such that will give you enough warmth while keeping you comfortable and stylish. Tea-length dresses and skirts add a touch of elegance but when temperatures are below freezing, consider dropping your hemline or wear tights with them. A maxi dress in feminine silhouette looks elegant too while keeping you covered.

checkered coat with black outfit classic turtleneck with purple coat jumpsuit with yellow coat

Wearing dressy jumpsuits or dress pants can be acceptable to winter weddings as look as it keeps your look formal and appropriate. Just say no to lace and go for more heavy fabrics. Just go for classic colors but not too loud like reds, and opt for stylish prints but not quirky ones. This way, you’ll keep the occasion formal and solemn without adding unnecessary attention to yourself.

animal print dress with vest bright yellow outfit emerald green outfit printed skirt with knitted top and coat

Since white shade must be saved for the bride, you may go for jewel tones, earthy palette, pastel shades, classic colors as long as they’re not too loud or statement making that can make you outshine the bride. Save your glittery, metallic, and shiny sequin ensembles for your night out with friends, and opt for formal and winter-friendly outfits that still look fashionable and elegant.

coat with white dress and boots fur coat with green shoes fur vest with plain dress peach dress coat with chic outfit statement coat and skirt with tights

You aren’t limited to structured outfits as you can still wear feminine outfits to a winter wedding by creative layering your outerwear to chic ensembles. Remember that even indoor venues can get a bit breezy at times, so always bring your most stylish cashmere cardigan, fur vest, wool coat, or tweed blazer to keep you covered. Indeed, you must be prepared ahead of time so you can fully relax and enjoy the occasion with your friends.

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