What to Wear to a Company Picnic

What’s tricky about the company picnic is that it is a business event – that means workplace etiquette applies trying to disguise itself as a fun, relaxing party. Just do not be deceived as how you act during these types of company events can help or hinder your career. Whether you’re thinking about barbeques, hot dogs, apple pie, baseball game, and finally getting to relax with your colleagues, keep on reading to get some styling tricks on what to wear to a company picnic to make it an enjoyable experience.

Company picnic is also an opportunity to get to know your colleagues and employees from other departments in a more relaxed atmosphere. So, dress to impress and retain a degree of professionalism even at a picnic. Remember, regardless of the social venue, you are still an employee representing your company. While you don’t have to show up wearing women’s suit, you should look casually polished. Think how your boss might dress, not your office mates so you’ll have a good judgment when picking out your picnic attire.

blue shoes with casual cool outfit

cute dress with neutral accessories denim on denim outfitcompany picnic outfit

Begin accessorizing your outfit with a chic hat and sunglasses to shade your face. You may also want to skip the glamorous jewelry, but instead reach for a simple pair of stud earrings and watch that are appropriate. Also, a big tote bag is perfect for a company picnic as it will allow you to carry everything you need including sunscreen, camera, keys, cell phone, and such. Go for a pair of stylish and comfortable shoes. If the picnic is outdoors, will it be on concrete, or on the grass? If it’s on the grass, go for flats or wedges as heels can sink into the ground. While you wouldn’t want to wear stilettos, you can still look polished with gladiator sandals, espadrilles, sneakers, and such.

jeans with yellow top

You may wear your casual denim shorts, jeans, and skirts, but keep them polished and smart. Skip those distressed, acid-washed, and frayed ones that will take the professionalism away from you. And be sure to pair them with more conservative tops so belly shirts, backless tops, halter tops, crop tops, and tube tops are out of the equation. However, don’t be afraid to wear sleeveless tops. If you’re unsure about it, just throw on a jacket or blazer.

  denim overalls with pumps

Overalls are a better choice than shortalls for a company picnic. Just wear a decent top underneath such as a sweater or basic tee but not crop tops. You may also go for denim on denim style. It’s up to you whether you’d love to wear the same washes of your denim or go for different ones to add some contrast.

navy jumpsuit floral jumpsuit

Again, dressy jumpsuits are a better option than dressy rompers. Feel free to go wild with patterns and prints. And whenever you feel your neckline is too daring for the company event you’re going to, just top your looks with a structured blazer that complement your dressy jumpsuit.

Though you want to be casual, you don’t want to be too careless. Shorts can be great in longer versions like Bermuda shorts, but short shorts, booty shorts, and cut-off shorts are no longer appropriate. Save them for your personal time but not on a company picnic. You may want to be comfortable outdoors but also dress appropriately for your work-related event.

lace dress with denim jacket

Dresses like knee length dress, midi dress, and maxi dress would be great but don’t wear anything you would wear to a club. Find a dress that is still an appropriate length for work. If the top of it is a little revealing than it should be or too sheer for a company event, simply put a camisole under it or throw on a jacket like a denim one to dress it down. Do some bend over test to make sure everything stays where it should be, and if you still have doubts, just don’t wear it.

pink pants with basic tee sweater with leather trousers leather trousers with wedge sneakers button-down-shirt-with-leather-trousers

Dress pants and leather trousers are dressy alternatives. Just keep them casual-chic by pairing them with basic tees, sweaters, button down shirts, feminine blouses, and such. It’s not time to channel your grunge, punk, or rocker-ish looks. Keep your looks professional but casual in your wardrobe choices. If you arrive at the picnic and find out you’re overdressed or underdressed, you can make the switch. This way, you’re letting your style to speak a lot about you.







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