What to Keep in Your School Makeup Bag!

Do you ever question what makeup you should bring to school? I tend to find myself lost in a sea of makeup at 7:30 in the morning, rushing to get out the door. After months of dragging my trunk of makeup around school, I finally figured out the basics that I need to get through the day.What-to-Keep-in-Your-School-Makeup-Bag


First, you will need a small bag that you can fit in your backpack or tote bag. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just something small enough to keep all of your little stuff in one place. 🙂small-make-up-bag


For me, hand sanitizer is a must-have. Schools are germy, and we touch so many things throughout the day. A sweet-smelling hand sanitizer is the perfect way to keep from getting sick, and this vanilla berry sorbet scent from Bath & Body Works happens to be my favorite. 🙂sanitizer


For those days when my hair has a mind of its own, I always keep plenty of hair ties within reach. They are extremely convenient, whether you are in gym class or simply wanting your hair out of your face when you are taking a big test.hair-ties


Salad in your teeth is not cute. Ever. It might seem odd to carry it with you all the time, but floss comes in handy a lot more than you may think.dental-floss


A compact mirror. To know when you need some floss.compact-mirror


Whether you use a $1 powder or a $30 powder, there are going to be times when your face becomes oily. These oil blotting sheets are a great way to prevent shininess without using extra makeup, which can lead to clogged pores. You can get these Elf Shine Erasers for just a dollar at Target.oil-blotting-sheets


Concealer is one thing that I have found myself needing to reapply at least once throughout the day. Stick concealer is the best thing to keep with you because it glides right on and you can blend it out easily with just your finger. This Essence Coverstick concealer is $2.49 at your local Ulta store.concealer


Along with my hair, my eyebrows also tend to have a mind of their own. To keep my brows neat, I use this $1 Elf Wet Gloss brow gel. It has a clear mascara on the other end for those days when you want to keep your eye makeup nice and natural.elf-brow-gel


I like to keep tinted lip balm with me at all times. It helps to keep your lips hydrated while giving them a hint of color. This Sugar Rose lip balm by Fresh is from Sephora. lip-balm


Cotton swabs are a great way to clean up any smudging or makeup mishaps. Keeping a small case of cotton swabs in your makeup bag is good for organization while preventing raccoon eyes.cottons-swabs


Finally, I love to keep roll-on perfume with me. It saves space and is very easy to apply. Roll-on perfume can help you to stay fresh without spraying a cloud of body mist at all of your classmates.roll-on-perfume


Viola! Your makeup kit is complete. It includes all of the necessities for a typical day without overloading you with excess makeup and other beauty supplies. I hope this helps you to lighten the load and to keep you more organized while staying fresh throughout the day. make-up-kit-complete



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