What Shoes To Wear With Skinny Jeans

As the gorgeous human that is Zac Efron poignantly said in his film That Awkward Moment, there is nothing a woman enjoys better than a great pair of shoes. A sexy stiletto comes into mind, but whether or not it’s high fashion or a great steal down Soho, shoes have been a fashion statement and passion that demands attention to detail, blister-proof soles, and great style matched with sensibility. From flats to chunky wedges and the big, bad stiletto, this article will decode what shoes to wear with skinny jeans for you faster than you can finish putting on your knee high boots.


skinny jeans and shoes style ideas

1. Sneakers

what shoes to wer with skinny jeans

It’s all about knowing what works for your look. If you’re going for something laid back and casual, then the super cozy and cute sweater or basic tee and a cardi over blue skinny jeans and immaculately white chucks is the winning combination. Remember that when pairing your shoes with skinny jeans, choose shoes with a narrow profile, meaning nothing too wide or chunky. You want to keep the proportions of your look balanced, and you wouldn’t want your shoes to stand out too much.

Pair ’em off with your other trainers too! Hightops work just as well:

sneakers and jeans perfect combo


And slip-on sneakers look just as great!

slip ons plus skinny jeans


2. Flat Sandals

sandals casual look

Sandals never fail to look chic, and come in a variety of styles like straps and the amount of heel. However for this look, it’s all about working simple flat sandals, and Emma Stone is a fan when it comes to strolling down New York in a great pair of light colored jeans and the most comfortable looking sandals on the face of the earth in a flattering neutral shade.


3. Pointy Flats

pointed flats for great skinny jeans style


Achieve total sophistication and comfort with a pair of pointed flats. Who said only heels were work appropriate and sexy? Whether bouncing off the walls in the office or out for coffee and lunch, a great pair of pointed flats will do any casual-work outfit justice.

4. Loafers

loafers to match your jeans


Loafers and Oxfords never fail to deliver a look that says “Just the right amount of pretty, preppy, and sexy”. Pair these shoes off with a nice, crisp polo or collared sweater and you’re out the door looking fly.

5. Boots

sexy tall boots


Boots are the perfect way to showcase those ah-mazing legs and kicks! Thanks to their slim leg opening, skinny jeans give you the perfect silhouette for effortlessly slipping into boots without the fabric bunching up or becoming too thick and dificcult to work with. There are tall or knee high boots, and then cute booties to choose from.You may have to cuff or scrunch your jeans depending on their length.

Here are those cute booties, slip them on or cuff ’em, it’s up to you:

sexy boots for skinny jeans

6. Stilettos

skinny jeans and heels


Stilettos, strappy heals, pumps; love ’em, can’t live without ’em. The epitome of slim, sleek, and sexy, the skinny jeans + stilettos combo is a match made in heaven. Completely versatile and effortlessly glamorous, you can pair your skinny jeans and a slim-fit boyfriend blazer with a nice pair, or you can even wear nice pumps with your ripped jeans and plain tee. The possibilities are endless, and you look 10 times more slender. The added height gives you that extra sense of confidence and ferocity.

Own it!


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