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Weak Nails Reasons & Remedies

Hello there pretties! Today we have a guest post dedicated to ” weak nails”.

Taking care of our nails is very important , just like other beauty rituals. Read below  what makes your nails weak and prone to breakage easily along with some remedies. 


how to get healthy nails

Weak nails or onychorrhexis is a condition where the nails get brittle and break off quickly. Also, weak nails tend to have a slower growth. Weak nails can be quite painful as they can crack and split quite easily. They can also end up looking ragged and out of shape. As per records, 20 % of people suffer from weak nails with women being more affected.


Some reasons which can result in having a weak nails are:

Disease conditions

Some diseases that affect the body like thyroid problems, psoriasis, liver malfunctioning, circulatory problems and some infections can cause weak nails.

Harsh chemicals

Exposure to harmful chemicals that are present in detergents and some soaps can lead to brittle nails.

Prolonged wetness

Keeping your nails wet for a long time can make them soft and weak.

Lack of moisture

Sometimes during dry weathers, nails dry up and will need a lot of moisture. When they become too dry, they can lead to weak nails.


Lack of a balanced diet can lead to weakening of nails. Deficiency of vitamin C, protein, iron, zinc and calcium can make nails weak.


Stress can sometimes cause weakening of nails due to hormonal imbalance.

Some simple remedies that can be followed at home to strengthen your nails are:

  • Keep your nails moisturized by applying moisturizer regularly or a nail cream
  • Wear gloves when your nails are being exposed to harsh chemicals to protect them from weakening.
  • Use a nail remover that is safe and does not have any adverse effects on your nails as some nail removers can be very harmful.
  • Acrylic nails can cause weak nails, so try and avoid using them if you are prone to weak nails.
  •  Include a lot of protein, vitamin C containing fruits, nuts and fish in your diet to keep your nails strong.

Strong and healthy nails help make one feel confident, adding to the look of a person. So it is a must to take good care of your nails for having a tidy nails makes one feels great! Healthy nails equals a happy and confident you! 😀



I hope this article will be helpful to each and everyone of you! 😀

Thanks for reading!

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