Ways to Wear Your Camel Coat in Spring

The camel coat was one of fall and winter’s biggest fashion staples, especially for those who wanted to achieve a simpler but more sophisticated look. This spring, though, we’re extending the life of your camel coats and giving you tips and ideas on ways to wear your camel coat without removing the feel of spring in your look. This is perfect for those of you who want to get the most wear out of their camel coats. Check them out below.

  • WEAR IT WITH SHORTS – one of the easiest ways to wear your camel coat in spring is to wear it over any outfit with shorts. The length of your camel coat combined with the shortness of your shorts makes for a chic and perfectly balanced outfit. It’s also a great way to stay warm during the earlier months of spring.

shorts and camel coat

shorts and white shirt with camel coat

  • WEAR IT WITH PASTEL COLORS – pastel colors never fail to remind us of the spring season which is they’re perfect to wear with items / looks that aren’t very spring-y. Another great thing about mixing and matching your camel coat is that they’re both rather understated looks so it’s pretty hard to go over the top which means it’s a safe combo for those who aren’t sure about it.

pastel purple monochromatic look with camel coat pastel and camel coat

  • WEAR IT WITH BRIGHT COLORS – but then again, I know not everyone wants an outfit that’s too understated. There are lots of ladies out there who would rather wear bold and bright colors than soft and dainty pastel hues and the good news is that a camel coat goes just as well with bright colors as it does with pastels. It also creates an interesting contrast in your outfit which adds to the style and chicness.

bright top jeans and camel coat bright top and pants

  • WEAR IT WITH NEUTRAL COLORS – if you’re all about simplicity and minimalism in your look, you can also opt to wear your camel coat with your neutral pieces this spring. This makes for a very chic, sophisticated minimalist look. Don’t forget to play a little with texture, shape and proportion to keep your outfit looking interesting.

neutral monochromatic neutral outft

  • WEAR IT WITH YOUR SPRING DATE NIGHT LOOK – looking for an easy piece to finish off your spring date night look? No matter what style or color outfit you’re wearing and no matter what look you’re going for, your camel coat is sure to look great on top. Wear it with your spring date night look for an outfit that’s simple but full of style and sophistication.

Cara Delevingne Sighting In London - February 7, 2014 camel coat and floral dress

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