Ways to Wear Velvet for Fall

Velvet is back from the nineties and it’s everywhere and on everyone! Velvet is such a luxurious fabric which is why not a lot of people wear it with their everyday looks. This fall, though, why don’t you add a little bit of a royal plush to your looks and sport some velvet pieces? It doesn’t have to be for a special occasion or anything, you can most definitely wear velvet with your everyday ordinary looks. Don’t believe us? Read on below and check out the following seriously chic ways to wear velvet, special occasion or not.

  • Velvet top – one of the easiest ways to sport velvet and incorporate it into your everyday looks is to wear a velvet top. Have yourself a little blast from the past and do a little nineties throwback with a velvet crop top. You can also do a more modern take on velvet tops by opting for pieces that have a more contemporary and updated silhouette or by opting for tops that have velvet mixed along with other fabrics.

velvet detail top

black velvet crop top blue lace tunic blue velvet top

  • Velvet blazer – getting tired of the usual, run of the mill blazer that you wear to work? Why not take your office outfit game up a notch and top off your look with a velvet blazer instead? It will add a nice, interesting texture to your look and will also give it that elegant and sophisticated touch.

blazer and plaid skirt brown velvet jacket purple velvet blazer red velvet blazer jacket

  • Velvet dress – if you dare to go a little bolder, go ahead and sport a velvet dress. Try a velvety take on the Little Black Dress (or the Little Red Dress, if you like) or be royalty for a day and don a long velvet dress.

angelina jolie iconic velvet dress bright red velvet dressmdnight purple velvet dress dress with velvet stripes short velvet dress

  • Velvet leggings – this fall, your usual leggings may not keep you warm enough so why not try something different like velvet leggings? They’re perfect for when you want to add something unique to your look, too since it’s not every day that you would see someone wearing velvet leggings.

green moss velvet leggings leggings in red velvet yellow velvet leggings

  • Velvet skirt – one of the most common ways a lot of women are wearing velvet today is by wearing velvet skirts; skater skirts, particularly.

glittery top and black velvet skirt dark blue velvet skirt heart printed top and red velvet skirt maxi velvet skirt

  • Velvet nails – it may sound crazy but yes, velvet nails are a thing. Velvet nails were popularized by the brand Ciate, the same company that bought caviar manicure to fame. You can get a velvet nails manicure set from Ciate but they’re quite pricey. IF you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, you can go online and purchase crushed velvet instead and use that with any of the nail polishes / nail lacquers you already have.

fuzzy heart velvet nails velvet nails manicure velvet tip nails bright violet velvet nails

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