Ways to Wear Shearling for Fall and Winter

If you’re not up for being garbed up in a full on furry piece, I suggest you go for shearling instead. Shearling is just as warm and cozy as fur but it’s less dressy, making it perfect for everyday casual and street style looks. Shearling can be incorporated into various pieces, mostly on fall and winter essentials. Here are some chic ways to wear shearling for fall and winter.


  • SHEARLING VEST – perfect for layering during the not – so – cold fall and winter days, a shearling vest can be worn on top of lighter sweaters and shirts. It’s great for when you already have something warm underneath and you just want one more thing to cozy you up just a little bit more and something to just add more flare and interest to your look.

drape vest shearling

black and white shearling vest poppy delevingne shearling vest

  • WITH LEATHER – the fluffiness of shearling in your outfit can really make your outfit look more casual and cute but if you want to lend it more of that cool and edgy, almost punk rock chic – ish kind of vibe, simply pair up your shearling piece with leather. You can create any kind of shearling and leather combo like a shearling vest on top of a leather jacket or leather boots with shearling trim.

leather pants and shearling all black leather and shearling leather and shearling outfit

  • SHEARLING JACKET – need something even warmer but not too warm like a fur jacket / coat? Go for shearling jacket instead. Most of the time, the shearling will be on the inside, sort of like a lining, so don’t worry about having to pair up your jacket with other pieces because you’ll find ones that will easily blend into your wardrobe for sure.

shearling jacket outfit puffy shearling jacket heavy shearling jacket

  • WITH JEANS – for a cute and cozy casual outfit, pair up your shearling piece with jeans. If you have a shearling vest or jacket, opt for denim jeans to keep it easy and laidback and then finish off your look with a pair of gorgeous knee high boots or try layering your jean jacket or chambray shirt with a shearling vest if you want something warmer and a little more complex.

jean jacket with shearling bf jeans and shearling coat denim and shearling street styke

  • SHEARLING TRIMMED CLOTHES and ACCESSORIES – not sure if you can rock a full shearling piece? Instead of bundling up in an all-shearling ensemble, you can choose to wear shearling trimmed clothes and accessories instead and by accessories we mean outerwear and stuff like scarves and hoodies or even on shoes, especially boots.

shearling trim coat shearling trim leather satchel shearling trim snow boots
These are just some of the ways to wear shearling. Tell us, how do you wear yours?



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