Ways to Wear High Waisted Jeans

If there’s one thing I’m sure all women have in their closet regardless of their age, job and personal sense of style, it’s jeans. Jeans are a staple in many women’s closet. It’s very versatile so you can wear it with anything and everything in your closet. You can dress it up or keep it cool and casual. You can also DIY your jeans if you want something that’s unique and extraordinary. Jeans have come a long way. From the plain and simple regular jeans, you now have pairs that come in all colors, prints, patterns and styles. One particular style that I’ve been loving so far is high waisted jeans. I think they’re super flattering and really cute and stylish, too. If you have a pair of high waisted jeans sitting in your closet, check out these ideas on ways to wear high waisted jeans and rock yours with confidence!

  • Sexy and flirty – for all the girly girls out there, this is one outfit idea I’m sure you’re gonna love! High waisted jeans and a corset top? Yes please! This outfit is so cute, sassy, sexy and a bit flirty all at the same time! I love this look for parties and date nights but you can definitely wear it during the day as well, especially during summer! Add a light cardigan on top if you think this outfit is ‘too fun’ for daytime and take it off at night when you’re ready to hit the club!

red corset top

floral corset top

  • Cool street style summer look – for a cool street style summer look, wear your high waisted jeans with a crop top. Crop tops are all the rage these days and they’re perfect for summer because they’re so light and breezy and they’re super easy to wear as well. Wearing high waisted pants with your crop top is also a great way to not show off as much skin as you would if you were wearing regular low- or mid – rise jeans. It’s a great outfit idea for those who aren’t fully confident about baring their midriffs out in public but would still like to wear a crop top.

pink cropped top cropped sweater and high waisted jeans

  • Height boost – if you think high waisted jeans are meant to be worn only by tall girls, you’re wrong! In fact, it’s the petite ladies who should be wearing this style of jeans more often because high waisted jeans have an elongating effect that makes your legs look longer and you taller in general. To get the most out of this height boosting benefit, make sure you wear your high waisted jeans with heels or wedges all the time. It’s a super easy way to get a few inches taller instantly!

blue heels and high waisted jeans animal print heels

  • Casual and ordinary – if you’re not the type who likes to experiment with different looks a lot or if you simply want a foolproof way to wear your high waisted jeans without committing a fashion blunder, the safest way to go is to create a look that’s casual and ordinary. Just wear your high waisted jeans with a simple shirt or whatever top that you would usually wear with regular jeans. It may be plain and simple but the high waisted jeans will give your outfit an instant oomph.

casual and ordinary plain and simple outfit

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