Ways to Wear Blue Makeup

When it comes to makeup, there are two kinds of girls: the girls who like to play it safe and stick with the usual looks and the girls who aren’t afraid to have a little fun and get wild and crazy with new trends and colorful looks. Now, blue is not exactly a color that you would usually use for everyday makeup looks but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it anymore, right? After all, they wouldn’t make blue makeup if it wasn’t meant to be used. If you’re looking for a fun makeup adventure that you can try out this weekend, take a look at these cool and fun ways to wear blue makeup.

  • Blue eye shadow – obviously, the safest way to wear blue makeup is to wear blue eye shadow. It makes a great statement and it’s a color that you can simply swipe on to your lids anytime you’re feeling a little more adventurous. Blue eye shadow can also make blue eyes pop and look brighter. You can wear this eye shadow on its own or blend it with other colors preferably neutral ones) for a more toned down look.

blue eye makeup look

blue smoky eye makeup diamond blue makeup runway blue eye shadow look

  • Blue cat eye – getting tired of your run of the mill cat eye liner look? Why not switch things up and spice up your look by going with a blue cat eye? It’s a fun and it’s much more interesting than the good ol’ black cat eye plus it’s something you can wear to change up your look without doing anything too drastic or dramatic. Can’t find a blue eye liner? Those eye shadow sticks are going to do the job just fine. You can also mix a little bit of blue eye shadow with some Vaseline and use an eye liner brush to apply it to your eyes and draw a perfect cat eye.

electric blue cat eyedouble cat eye look blue cat eye look chunky blue cat eye

  • Blue eyeliner – lining your waterline with blue eyeliner can really make your eyes pop. It’s another thing that you can do to change up your look without really doing anything too bold, drastic or dramatic.

eyeliner look light blue eyeliner look in blue eyeliner on the waterline blue

  • Blue mascara – we’re so used to wearing and seeing black and brown mascara on a daily basis that a simple change in color on our lashed can really make a huge difference. Blue mascara may not be something that you wear everyday but on days when you want to want your eyes stand out, wearing blue mascara on your lashes is sure to get the job done for you.

lashes from blue mascara mascara pop of blue subtle blue liner

  • Blue eye brows – I know it sounds crazy and it’s not exactly something you can wear to the office but blue eyebrows make a great statement look when you’re out for a crazy night of partying with your friends. This look has been spotted on various models on the runway recently so why not try and recreate the look? I’m not entirely sure if there are brow products like brow powder and gel that come in blue but you can always just use blue liner or shadow to get the look and seal the color with clear brow gel.

eyebrows and lips in blue dark blue brows blue brows

  • Blue lips – another statement maker that’s sure to turn heads is a blue lip. Blue lips aren’t something you’d wear everyday which is why they’re perfect for achieving that surprising bold look anytime.

light blue lips cool blue lips beyonce blue lips

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