Ways to Wear a Skinny Scarf

If there’s one kind of accessory you shouldn’t feel guilty about buying, what would it be? I would say mine would be scarves. Scarves are just so versatile and wearable all year long, I think they’re easy to get a lot of use out of, thus helping you get the most bang for your buck. If you feel like you’ve already got enough regular scarves, though, and you want to add something different to your collection, I would suggest going for a skinny scarf. Here are gorgeous ways to wear a skinny scarf.

  • TIED AROUND THE NECK – Alexa Chung, a celebrity obsessed with skinny scarves, loves to wear hers tied around the neck. Often you’d see it hanging right in the middle and sometimes she would style it so that it is tied to the side instead of in the middle, giving her whole outfit a more artistic vibe. This style has a slight 90s vibe to it, especially when done on the side.skinny scarf outfit
    skinny scarf poka dots skinny scarf alexa chung
  • FAUX NECKTIE – if tying your skinny scarf around your neck is a bit too simple and basic for you and you’re looking for a more intricate / more decorative way of wearing it, you can always try making a faux necktie out of it. Just tie it like you would a regular necktie to create a more posh look.faux neckte skinny scarf
  • ON THE WRIST – who says arm candy is limited to chic watches and trendy bracelets alone? If you’re looking for something unique to add to your lineup of arm candy, especially for fall, a skinny scarf may just be what you need to complete your outfit. Tie it around your wrist ad make a little knot then tuck in the ends for a seamless look.arm candy style
  • LIKE A BELT – got an outfit you want to cinch by the waist but think a proper belt would be too harsh for the overall look you have in mind? Take your skinny scarf and tie it around your waist instead. Skinny scarves make great decorative belts for any outfit. This is a great way to use your skinny scarf all year round, especially on hot summer days when wearing it around your neck would be too uncomfortable.skinny tassel scarf belt skinny scarf
  • BACKWARDS – thinking out of the box and wearing stuff differently is something all fashion enthusiasts do. For a unique look, try dr your skinny scarf backwards, creating a more casual version of the backlace (back necklace) which was a big trend on the red carpet a while back.

back draped skinny scarf backwards draped


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