Ways to Dress Up a Sweater

A sweater is a must have in any woman’s closet, especially during the fall and winter time when the temps start to drop and the air starts to get chilly. Now, unless you’re super strict about getting only the cutest ones with the prettiest details and designs all the time, a sweater is pretty basic. There are lots of ways to upgrade your basic sweater and dress it up, though, so you can stand out and look fab wearing it. Here are some ideas on chic ways to dress up a sweater.

  • PREPPY LOOK – give your plain sweater a preppy twist by layering it up with a collared shirt underneath. Make sure to use a shirt and a sweater in different colors, preferable contrasting ones to really create a nice look. You can also use prints and patterns on one and a solid color on the other to make the look pop. Doing this gives your whole outfit more dimension and texture which is great for keeping things from being boring.

preppy outfit

preppy red and gray layers preppy look with sweater preppy layers

  • ADD A BELT – oversized sweaters are all the rage these days and if you’re into laidback looks then the trend is perfect for you but if you’re looking for a more polished look with soft structures to keep your figure from being overwhelmed by the looseness of the piece, you can always add a belt to your sweater and cinch it by the waist.

belted knit sweater belted nude sweater belted sweater outfit belted sweater

  • ACCESSORIZE WITH NECKLACES – another way to add more detail and dress up a simple sweater is to accessorize it with necklaces. This is super easy and is perfect if you want to add a hint of glam to any look. Mix and match necklaces of different lengths for best results. Here are some tips on how to pair your sweaters with necklaces.

necklace and green sweater necklace and sweater outfit necklace and white sweater

  • DIY IT – if you’re the crafty kind then I’m pretty sure basic sweaters don’t stay basic very long in your wardrobe. Plain and simple sweaters are great for DIYing. Embellish it with beads and gems or give it some embroidered details. You can also do patchwork on it or sew on new details.

diy elbow patch diy ombre sweater with studs diy sweater detail diy sweater embellishments

  • THROW A JACKET ON TOP – this styling trick works best with sweaters that aren’t very thick. You can create a more interesting look by throwing a jacket on top of your sweater. Make sure the jacket is of a different texture. Lace and knit looks great if you want a soft and dainty feel while a leather jacket on top of your sweater is sure to add sleek sophistication to your look.

jacket and blazer outfit jacket and sweater outfit jacket and sweater

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