Washable Cleansing Pads by Love The Planet Review

Hey Beauties,
I’ve had the Washable Cleansing Pads by Love The Planet for a few days now and I’m enjoying using them so much that I just had to post about them sooner rather than later.

These pads may not look like much but they’re brilliant!  They totally give my flannels a run for their money.  They’re so effective with my cleansers, both cream and wash off cleanser.  In fact, they work so well with my wash off cleanser that I only need half a pump instead of a whole one so that means my cleanser will last much longer.  

Washable-Cleansing-Pads-by-Love-The-Planet Love-the-planet-washable-cleansing-pads



As for my cream cleanser, they work really effectively to physically remove my make-up as opposed to smooshing and dragging it around it my face because it gets picked up by the fibres which absorb it much better than the cotton pads I was using and it feels cleaner too.

I’ve used these pads to take off facial scrub which they did really well but I still splashed off afterwards to make sure I got rid of all the little grains that I might have missed.  

My favourite thing to do with these pads is to remove a clay based face mask.  So effective and with such little effort!  I hate having to remove masks generally because I have to splash and rub and it if feels like it takes ages to get it all off and there’s always a sneaky bit I miss around my hairline etc.  With one swipe the pad removes the mask with little effort and is so quick.

I’ve been leaving the pads on the radiator to dry off after use till I’m ready to give them a wash and they dry quickly all the way through.  I’m not sure what’s inside them but it feels super soft and lovely like a pillow.  I feel like they’ve put the fun back in my facial routine and I’m liking the thought of how much money they’ll save me by not having to buy cotton pads any more as well as the ecological saving too.  

The Washable Cleansing Pads also come in multi colour too.  They’re just too cute and a great stocking filler too!

The one thing I would like is if they were available in packs of 8 so if you’re off on holiday or just a freak like me, you could have one for each day of the week and then a spare to use on the day they’re in the wash?  

Will you be making the investment?  Love The Planet Washable Cleansing Pads are £6.50, which for me is about 3-4 packs of cotton pads.  And they’ll last until they fall apart too, which is a really long time!


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