Wardrobe Essentials for a Ballet-Inspired Outfit

I’m pretty sure that there are many of us who dreamed of wearing a tutu back when we were little girls. It is because of the dance’s need for the perfect combination of grace and strength that makes it so appealing to the womenfolk. Even those of us who are no longer little girls.

This is why the runways this year is teeming with ballet inspired pieces and outfits. Even as grownups, the appeal of this performance dance still remains within many of us. Here are some wardrobe essentials to create a seamless ballet-inspired outfit.

Ballet Flats

It wouldn’t be a ballet-inspired outfit if you are not wearing ballet flats. This is probably the most iconic ballet apparel other than tutus and it is the first of the ballet apparels to be incorporated in everyday fashion. I mean, who doesn’t have ballet flats, right? For a full-on ballet-inspired look, you can also wear flats with silk laces that are completely inspired from the original ballerinas’ shoes.lace up ballet flats

ballerina flats

Tulles, Laces, and Silks

These three fabrics are what make a ballet-inspired outfit, especially tulle which is the usual fabric used for tutus. Tulle skirts have already become quite popular so it is not hard to look for them. To incorporate laces and silks into a ballet-inspired attire, however, you either want to aim for camisoles or dresses and skirts.tulle skirt silk camisole ballet-inspired lace dress ballet-inspired

Fit to skin

We are all aware that ballerinas wear leotards like a sort of uniform. To create a ballet-inspired look with this, you want to wear pieces that are fit to skin. For last minute beach-goings, you can wear a color-blocked one-piece swimsuit. Meanwhile, you can pair your reliable pair of jeans with a bodysuit and look like a ballerina after practice.bodysuit ballet-inspired bodysuit for ballet-inspired

Balloon skirts

Of course, we simply cannot forget about the iconic tutus. However, we won’t be able to wear those on the streets and not be thought of as a loony. So I suggest settling for wide or balloon skirts or dresses with such skirts. Preferably, something in tulle but anything that flares around your hips is good. I would want to pair this with a fitted top and this would complement your body.wide skirt dress ballet-inspired tulle wide skirt ballet-inspired

The Right Colors

When we think of the color of ballet, we immediately think of pastels and nudes. And while these colors are what you want to use in a ballet-inspired ensemble, you don’t want to throw away black, white and other dark colors yet. The key to a great ballet-inspired outfit is to go for a slight minimal feel, color-wise. You don’t want neons or overly vibrant shades. So opt for neutrals and muted shades. Combined together, they can create that sophisticated look that ballerinas exude.dark purple dress ballet-inspired pastel dress ballet-inspired

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