Vintage Style Inspiration This Spring from Jane Aldridge

Vintage fashion is one of the most iconic styles you may go for if you’re looking for a timeless and trend-proof look. In fact, most contemporary fashion is really a reinterpretation of styles from the past, and you would be surprised that a lot of modern designer comes to replicating older garments. Mind behind the Sea of Shoes blog, Jane Aldridge is a Texan fashion blogger known for her vintage style that shows the design of the past and fashion style history. If you’re looking for vintage style inspiration this spring, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her.

Embrace breezy and airy silhouettes.

breezy novelty print dress with vintage bag

breezy vintage dress with cardigan breezy retro floral print vintage dress

Although widely misused, the term “vintage” refers to an item that is at least 20 years old or more. On the other hand, antique refers to at least 100 years clothes or items. Therefore, clothes which were produced before the 1920s is referred to as antique clothing and clothing from the 1920s to 20 years before the present day is considered vintage. Since spring is the perfect time to lighten up your layers and embrace warm-weather dresses and skirts, you may opt for a breezy white dress that can give you that carefree look, and a vintage cardigan that will keep everything cozy like Jane did.

Refresh your vintage black outfits with accessories.

asymmetric vintage dress with nude shoes vintage black dress with studded boots flared culottes with trench coat and designer gucci bag

If you wish to refresh your vintage ensembles, think of black garments that can be easier to modernize and to avoid a costume-y look. Pairing your vintage clothes with modern shoes, bags, and sunglasses is an easy way to dramatically ground an otherwise whimsical garment. Like Jane, think of a vintage black dress that will look party-ready with a box clutch and nude shoes. When picking accessories to wear with your black garments, you may keep the overall look streamlined by picking a color that is present in your outfit or wearing contemporary accessories in the same hue. If you’re expressive enough, incorporating vibrant colors teamed with a black outfit is also a quick way to modernize a classic vintage garment.

Add some personality with vintage-inspired prints.

gingham print off shoulder top with vintage culottes watercolor print vintage dress with socks and heels puff sleeved blouse with leopard print skirt

Retro, short for retrospective, or “vintage style” usually refers to clothing that imitates the style of a previous era. Gingham patterns, retro floral prints, animal print and such can be a great means to add some personality to your vintage looks. Like Jane, think of a leopard print skirt that will look chic with a puff-sleeved blouse and edgy shoes.

Be expressive and bold on your vintage looks.

vintage outfit with cute umbrella black sequin top with vintage jeans and cuffs animal print jumpsuit with leather belt

Going for a vintage look is a way to ensure that your style is entirely unique. Like Jane, you may opt for a sequined top teamed with vintage jeans, and lug sole sandals. Apart from being unique, embracing the vintage style is a way to help the environment by conserving resources, support small businesses by shopping at vintage shops, and deepen your resources for expressing your own creativity. By heeding these tricks from Jane, you’ll be able to make the vintage fashion work for you.

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