Vintage Hairstyles

How to Do Hair In Old-school Glamour

Nothing looks as grand as vintage hairstyles. Not only are they called timeless looks but the glamour exuded when women wear them is never easy to level up with. Nobody said a girl can only have her hair done in vintage style when she’s going to a formal occasion. Even in casual events or ordinary days, it is definitely a do.

This hairstyle has many types. To give you the basic,the easiest, and the best, we picked out three of them which you might want to try out. No need to fuss over not being able to do it yourself. It’s not that hard and it’s definitely worth the effort. Here’s how to do these pretty dos in quick and easy steps:

1. Victory Rolls. Part your hair down the middle making two portions just like you do pigtails. Begin a single side of your head, take a portion above and back-comb it from behind. Brush along to tidy up the front. Now wrap the edge of the portion around two fingers and start rolling into the scalp. 3. Roll completely to the scalp and pin in place. Do the same procedure on the other side. It’s up to you to decide if you’d rather wear your hair down at the back or wear it way up. Then take the portion that is left out, and begin at the edge again wrap all over a single finger and start rolling into the scalp. Since this portion probably has more hair, you might want to wrap it a bit tighter. Pin in place until you’re sure it’s totally not going to go loose. Do the same on the other side.






2. Dolly Hair. Starting headtop near the parting line, take a portion of hair and hairspray all over the underside. Tease the underside of the hair and proceed below  until all of the hair is teased.  Twist the hair over and even out only the top. Next, roll the hair into the hot rollers by beginning at the top center portion.  Go on rolling the hair. Work on the sides thereafter, and then get done with the back. Have the hot rollers cool down for some minutes and once they have, take the curlers out. Begin from down below and continue to the top. Tease your bangs or front portion.  Curl all there is that weren’t caught by the rollers. Bring the curled bangs up and to the side. To maintain the volume, use as much hairspray as you need.






3. Beehive. Using a strong fabric that matches your hair color, cover a bath loofa in a solid fabric.Take one small portion of hair forward, leaving it unteased. Group a second portion by one to two inches. Now spray and back-comb it and do the same with two to three more portions. Apply  the loofa to your hair. Pieces of hair should cover the loofa so it’s better to pin every piece securely. Don’t stop covering up until the loofa is entirely out of sight. Tug strands from the sides back to hide the sides of the bump. You may wear it up or down, depending on your choice.