Victoria Tornegren: How to Look Chic and Cool On a Budget

Swedish-based fashion blogger, Victoria Tornegren is known for her chic yet insanely cool style as she could make the simplest pieces look chic and sexy, without breaking your budget. If you’re looking for some budget-conscious ways to boost your image and put the ‘in’ back into ‘incredible’, then keep on scrolling to scoop some tricks from Victoria.

scarf with classic outfit

structured bag with casual chic outfit

A quick way to look expensive and add a touch of glamor to your looks is to add one token luxury item like silk scarves, structured bags, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, and even a hat to dress up your looks. Victoria rotates a handful of luxury items and uses them to class up her image. Like her, you may use your silk scarf as a feature point of your outfit and learn creative ways to tie your scarf so your outfit will seem fresh and stylish. If you don’t want to wrap your scarf around your neck, then tie it around your handbag as it brightens up even the dullest handbag.

chic boots with all black outfit chic shoes with coat and leather trousers

Shoes can be the statement piece of an outfit as its ‘wow’ factor adds sexiness to your casual chic looks. They can express your individuality, show off your style and flaunt your confidence. When looking for shoes, better opt for classic pumps or stilettos in neutral shade or animal print that can be worn with several outfits. You can even make the right pair of flats look stylish by teaming it with some skinny jeans, a half-tucked in a button down shirt and a blazer then you’re ready to go.

all white casual outfit all white outfit with structured bag

If you want to dress with class in an effortless way, then wear white or cream head to toe. Wearing white just simply implies you can afford to get the inevitable stain on your outfit and you give off the impression of being fresh, clean and calm. And you may break some fashion rules by wearing white after Labor Day to prove you have enough style.

animal print coat with casual outfit animal print espadrilles with urban outfit pink coat with striped top striped shirt with denim shorts

One way to make your looks chic and cool is to wear elegant and classic prints. Just stick to classic prints like stripes, houndstooth, chevron, polka dots, checks and animal prints like leopard, snake and such. Stay away from graphic, busy, and funky prints that may take away the chic impression from your style. These prints look great with shoes, blazers, coats, shirts, and even skirts whether you’re wearing a casual or a dressier outfit.

fur coat with all black outfit black wool jacket with casual outfit blue fur jacker with casual outfit fur jacket with casual outfit

If you’re not a fan of prints, then simply add some chic touch to your casual looks by wearing anything fur. Fur coats and jackets are great for dressing up your casual outfit especially when you’re wearing shirt and jeans or tank and joggers combination. Neutral colors like black, white, gray, and brown are more elegant than flashy ones though you may look for great shades of red, blue, and pink.

black coat with leather trousers chic blouse with denim shorts white blazer with denim jeans leather jacket with casual chic outfit

If it seems to hot for you to sport some fur ensembles, then wear a lighter version of coats like trench coats, wrap coats, blazers, suits, and such. Chesterfield and pea coats look elegant but come in heavier fabrics. Also, you may simply wear chic pieces with your casual looks to add some class to your simple outfit. Like Victoria, you may look for chiffon blouses, button down shirts, leather jackets, leather trousers, structured blazers and so forth. Just polish your looks with chic accessories for a more luxurious look while sticking on your budget.

Looking chic and cool on a budget is all about sensible allocation of resources. So, invest on clothes that fit your shape best and you can wear over and over again as it’s far wiser than buying something because it was on sale or on a current trend. Find the style that you feel comfortable with and flaunt your confidence since you’re wearing a chic and cool style.


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