Valerie Husemann: Casual Chic Styles for Denim

Denim is essential when we are out for a casual night with friends, when we run our errands, or walk in the park. While some of the denim jeans are a little bit distressed and ripped up for our liking, we can still pull it off perfectly chic and fashionable. Take a look on how a style blogger nail this casual and chic outfit.

Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Valerie Husemann is a student and a style blogger behind the Simple et Chic blog. Started her blog in 2010, she expressed her personal thoughts on casual fashion, street style recommendations, the latest trend, and lifestyle to her readers. Her fashion blog, Simple et Chic, is living up to its name where you can find inspirations on casual, simple, and comfortable denim styles that will make you the chicest version of yourself. So keep scrolling to find out how to be casual and chic in wearing denim.

Denim Shorts

denim ripped shorts

denim shorts with black top denim shorts with lace top

While short shorts are already sexy, they look better when you add length to the body by bringing the waistline up higher to side over your waist. Worn with a tied up tank top, this is an awesome look for any woman who wants to show off legs, conceal any extra curves and lengthen her body. You may opt for a denim bandit shorts that can be worn in all colors. They are those scrunched up mini shorts, cut higher at the sides of the thighs that show off a lot of legs. They are best worn with boots while the hair is expected to be left wild and free.

Denim Skirt

denim skirt buttoned denim skirtwhite denim skirt

Not all of the denim pieces have to be jeans or shorts. In order to be the perfectly fashioned on the street, you can wear the denim skirt. The high waist denim skirt elongates the legs beautifully while the top is tucked in neatly. This is a great date outfit and lovely to wear to a festival. But, if it’s cold outdoors you can also pick a leather jacket with you. Going for heels with an artistic pattern is ideal. If classic style is what you would want to, you can try out the combination of a denim skirt with a coat. For ideal street style looks, you can go for denim skirts with ripped or patchwork designs. Such kinds of skirts would look remarkably in pairing with crop tops, simple shirts, shoes, espadrilles, or summer sandals. In this case, it’s suggested staying away from heels, which will alter the look, making it kind of cheap.

Denim Jeans

denim cuffed jeans ripped denim jeans dark washed skinny jeans

Jeans go with everything. In the summer time, basic old jeans and a t-shirt work great as a casual a look. But to keep it classic, go with a tight-fitted shirt, polo, long-sleeves, crewnecks, and casual shirts for your top. Most of these can be worn un-tucked. However, when you’re going somewhere formal, just tuck your shirt and pair it with boots, sandals, or heels. You may also allow some extra ventilation with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans. Skinny jeans are great for showing off your toned legs.

Denim Jacket

denim jacket with lace shorts washed denim jacket denim jacket

Most denim jackets have a light blue wash, a straight tailoring, vintage style, and sexy fit. Pair them with a nice blouse and a darker shade of denim or throw on leather skirts and tank tops for a perfect festival look.

Denim Overalls and Shortalls

denim overall with stripes denim overall denim shortalls

Overalls are awesome if you plan on enjoying yourself away from home. Also, shortalls are the way to go and they are back in fashion. The best thing is, you can dress up or dress down with shortalls with convenience, depending on your footwear and the blouse worn underneath. For casual looks, a simple tee and sneakers are great. Nonetheless, if you want something sexy, opt for heels and a fitted crop that add some personality.

Denim on Denim

denim on denim

Feel free to double-up. You shouldn’t limit your denim to just one piece per look. If you love the idea of double denim but don’t know where to begin, try teaming a denim jacket in one color with jeans. The result is a catwalk-inspired look but in a very refined, wearable way. You may opt for black jeans with a light-wash denim jacket. Just add a plain top and elongate your legs by teaming your jeans with nude pumps or sandals.

No matter how borrowed from the catwalk your look is, if your style doesn’t fit and flatter your figure, it won’t do you any favor. So, wear your denim with attitude and stay chic and casual with denim.


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