Useful Packing Tips for Your Winter Getaway

Winter is still a few months away but I’m pretty sure you already have plans for your winter getaway and, I’m pretty sure too, you’re already starting to plan on what to bring. If you’ve been scouring he internet for some packing tips, you may have already read your fair share of articles on how to pack light for summer but that’s not what you need right now, is it? Summer packing is way different compared to winter packing. Packing light in winter can be a little tricky so we’ve come up with a list of useful packing tips for your winter getaway to help you out.

  • Bring hats – not the chunky, bulky floppy kind but rather the stretchy knitted beanies and bonnets. Those are lightweight and they take no space at all in your luggage yet they’re one of the most effective in keeping you warm. Look for something that covers the ears and a part of the back of your neck. Also, if you’re really pressed for space in your luggage, go for one in a neutral color to match all your outfits and one in a bright color to serve as the pop of color in other outfits.

black beanie hat

fun red winter gloves gray outfit and hat

  • Splurge on space for shoes – if there’s one thing you should let occupy a massive space in your luggage and be the one heavy item in your list, it’s shoes. Shoes will keep your feet and legs dry and warm throughout the winter cold. Pick a pair that’s solid, decent and has a minimalistic look. A pair of high-heeled boots with pointy toes is one of the best kinds you could go for. They’re sleek and very versatile, too. You can wear them with street style outfits, your outfit for the airport and even to dinners.

low winter boots street style outfitwinter neutral outfit

  • Go for gloves – pick a pair of gloves that’s light, waterproof and made of thin yet warm material like leather. Gloves will not only keep you warm, they will also add that edgy, posh vibe to your look. Having gloves on your hands will also keep it from accidentally touching very cold things as well.

leather black gloves long winter gloves embellished leather gloves

  • Clothes – now, on to the most important thing: clothes. Stock up on lighter clothes that you can layer and keep the bulky items like coats and jackets to a minimum and, if possible, in neutral colors. This way, you will have endless pieces to mix and match and combinations and looks to create and still have something really nice and chunky to top them off with for extra warmth.

chic winter outfit cozy winter outfit girly winter outfit

  • Accessories – accessories are your weapon to creating various looks using the same clothes. Wearing a different set of accessories with a certain outfit can give it a brand new look and what’s even better is that they don’t even have to be in your luggage. You can bring 10 outfits worth of accessories in your carryon and it’s not even going to be that heavy so make sure to choose and coordinate and plan your outfits and accessories wisely.

fancy accessories for winter one chunky coat winter outfit in color

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