Useful Hacks for Keeping Your Strapless Top in Place

Strapless tops and dresses never fail to give off that sexy look. They’re perfect on their own for summer because they’re light and cool and there are a ton of styles and designs from just about any shop you can think of so your choices are far from limited. One thing that I know many women don’t like about wearing strapless tops and dresses, though, is the pain of trying to keep it in place. Anyone who’s ever worn one knows that you can’t move around too much and too carelessly if you don’t want a wardrobe malfunction to take place and sometimes, it’s just not very convenient. Thankfully, there are things you can do to prevent them. Here are some useful hacks for keeping your strapless top (or dress) in place.

  • BUY A SIZE DOWN – when buying a plain tube top, buy half a size to a full size down. This is because the stretchy material will stretch out later on and buying a size down gives you enough allowance so your tube top doesn’t get too loose later on and would still fit you perfectly instead of drooping downwards and creating an embarrassing scene.

cute dress with subtle boning

strapless white romper

  • OPT FOR TOPS AND DRESSES WITH BONING – the boning on strapless tops and dresses do not only help keep the shape of clothes but it also offers support for your girls. It will also help keep your dress in place instead of it annoyingly moving around since the boning gives the top / dress a bit of a contour to fit your body, curves and all included, perfectly.

strapless corset style top jessica alba stylish strapless top and black trousers

  • LOOK FOR THE RUBBER – when shopping for a new strapless top or dress, always check the inside seams. Some strapless dresses have a thin silicone strip along the inside top seam and some don’t. Choose one that has this feature. That small rubber strip helps the strapless top stay up and in place all day long, saving you from a potentially embarrassing situation.

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  • STOCK UP ON STICKY TAPE – if you really like a particular top or dress style, though, and it doesn’t have a rubber strip on the inside seam, you can still buy it but make sure you also buy sticky fashion tape as well. This is the secret of the stylists to the stars for keeping those gorgeous strapless red carpet dresses in place all night long. Stick some on to the front of your top / dress and then on the sides and bring some in your purse, too, in case you missed a spot and/or need to re-apply.

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  • SAFETY PIN IT – safety pins have always come to my rescue whenever I wear strapless and I’m low on / out of sticky fashion tape. What I like to do is pin my dress on to my bra so that it doesn’t slip down. Of course, you need to make sure you have a perfectly fitting strapless bra underneath, too. This trick works best with light tops and dresses that won’t drag your bra down with it.

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