Ultimate Guideline for Choosing Fabrics to Flatter

It can be challenging to locate good fabric, especially when we’re judged by the trendy detail of a dress or a sexy silhouette of the design. However, choosing the right fabrics will make a difference to your looks. Whether you’re a fashion-forward girl who keeps an eye to elegant fabrics or a curvy girl who’s conscious on your body flaws, keep on reading for our ultimate guideline on choosing the right fabrics will flatter your style.

Go for a fabric drape that flatters you.


pink-turtleneck-and-tulle-with-mercury-sunglasses free-flowing-maxi-dress-with-mules

The drape tells how the fabric moves when it’s worn. How fluid or stiff is the fabric will affect the illusion of your slim or curvy shape. Fluid fabric pool when dropped on the floor while stiff fabrics stand and then fold when dropped on the floor. If you wish to add some volume to your hips, opt for a tulle skirt with a stiff drape like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu did. If you’re aiming for a goddess-like feel, opt for free-flowing fabrics that float very well. Fluid fabrics are good for more curved and cushioned bodies as it molds easily over curves while stiff fabrics are good for athletic bodies as they harmonize the structure of the body shape.

Think of a heavy or lightweight fabric that can add some volume to your frame.

free-flowing-cobalt-blue-dress sequin-top-with-oxfords high-low-dress-with-suitcase

You can feel the heaviness or lightness of the fabric by picking it up. Generally, heavy fabrics will pull the garment down and are great for pieces you want to have a vertical appearance as the weight pulls them down. It tends to hide more of what is going on underneath, particularly in trousers if you are concerned about cellulite showing through. This includes embellished, sequined, and patchwork fabrics that add some volume to the wearer. On the other hand, lightweight fabrics are better in tops than bottoms such as a blouse, which can be worn with more volume.

Go for a fabric texture that can flatter your fashion statement.

graphic-print-dress-with-heels white-top-with-mesh-skirt tweed-blazer-with-black-outfit-and-fall-tall-boots

Fabric texture is essential to make a bold statement, especially when you’re wearing a monochromatic outfit. You can describe some of the fabric as smooth, nubby, hard, soft, lacy, velour, chunky, or fine. Remember that textures can add bulk, so if you’d call a fabric chunky, it will make you look chunky. Also, if you’re wearing a touch-enticing fabric like tweed, avoid wearing too many details as it can make a bold statement on its own. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, you can get away with a pair of velvet boots and suede skirt with your tweed blazer. Just match your own personal texture to at least part of your outfit.

Think of the fabric’s sheen that can be suitable for several occasions.

silk-trumpet-dress off-shoulder-sweater-dress-with-fringed-boots houndstooth-dress-with-chunky-heels

Take note that shiny fabrics draw attention and make an area look larger, so shiny fabrics are best on parts of your body where you’re happy to have a focal point.  Matte fabrics are more receding and so make you look slimmer. Also, shiny fabrics are best in the evening as it can look unpleasing to the eyes in daytime, unless it’s a muted shade. Once you already knew the right fabrics for you, you can make a bold statement while looking appropriate at the same time.

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