Trends to Try Before the Year Ends

The year is about to end, but it’s not too late for you to wear the biggest fashion trends! Take a stylish rundown of the year’s hottest fads by trying these pieces:

Crop Top

Your fashion year will definitely be incomplete if you don’t try a crop top outfit. Although it’s very cold outside, you can wear this tummy-baring top by wearing it over a dress or another top.

black crop top

You can even wear it underneath overalls if it’s too cold outside.

crop top and overalls


Plaid might be one of the most common patterns there is, but it’s a great style to wear especially this time of the year. After all, it is reminiscent of holiday fashion and yuletide cheer.

plaid scarf plaid top


One of the year’s hottest trends is the turtleneck, which is more than adept for the winter season. This mod piece – which is reminiscent of the 90’s – can keep you elegant and warm all at the same time.

turtleneck sweater and mini skirts black turtleneck

Faux Fur Vest

One of the best pieces to wear this latter part of the year is the faux fur vest. Not only is it fashionable, it is comfortably warming as well! A good thing about the faux fur vest is that it looks great with anything. Remember to wear it with snug-fitting clothes to balance the volume of the vest.

faux fur vest beige faux fur vest

Leather Jacket

Rock/Grunge chic has dominated this year’s runways. Most of said styles focused on one timeless piece: the leather jacket. Although it remains to be a true fashion classic, it is best worn in the cold seasons. With that being said, what you need to do is include this topper in any of your holiday outfits.

leather jacket

Don’t settle with just black; consider other shades too, such as camel and burgundy.

camel leather jacket

60’s Fashion

The 60’s fashion has made a huge comeback this year, as evidenced by the steady rise of stylish shift dresses and car coats. Make the most out of this glamorous fashion decade by suiting up in its trademark pieces, which include geometric attires, monochromatic outfits and baby doll dresses, to name a few.

monochrome houndstooth dress pink geometric sweater

It’s not too late to try the year’s hottest trends. Pay homage to the best styles by suiting up in any of these pieces – at least for the remaining days of the year.

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