Trend Report: How To Wear Pantone’s Fall Color Trends

We could always rely on Pantone Color Institute to give us the best shades to wear for the year and for the current season. Their trend forecast has always delivered the best colors that we could wear for the season. And this fall is no exception.

For Fall 2016, Pantone has given us a handful of great colors that are not only trendy but could also offer us all a fresh fall look. This season’s color palette is led by the blues which are all of muted shades. These blues are accompanied with grays and different shades of brown as well as vibrant shades of red and yellow that, while vibrant, all fit well for fall. Here are Pantone’s fall 2016 color trends and how we could wear them for this season.


This is the dark blue of this palette, and according to Pantone, this shade took precedence in the fall collections. It is a muted shade which is perfect for the season. The shade carries a sense of sophistication but it also has a subtle vibrancy. Pairing this with black and white will create a seamless and clean look that can be worn either in the office or even for a casual everyday outfit.riverside sweater

Airy Blue

This is a rather dark shade of pastel blue but it still has that weightlessness quality that you would usually see in a spring color palette. That said, airy blue gives a nod to one of Pantone’s colors of the year, serenity which is of similar hue. Because of the light and springy feel it offers to the palette, airy blue is wonderful to pair with darker colors like the warm taupe or lush meadow.airy blue coat


The beauty of this color, the only gray shade in the color palette, is that you can wear this with any color. If you want something minimal and low-key, you can pair this with a muted color. And if you want to emphasize a certain vibrant shade and make it pop, it’s ideal to pair that bright color with sharkskin.sharkskin oversized coat

Aurora Red

Fall will not happen without a certain shade of red included in the season’s color trends. And aurora red brings that to the table. However, unlike the muted shades of red that usually shines in autumn, aurora red has a shred of vibrancy as well as warmth which makes it the perfect pop of color you will need in any outfit.aurora red skirt

Warm Taupe

Of course, the season will also need its go-to neutral, other than the classic black and white. Warm taupe creates a warmly surprising stability in this season’s palette. It is organic and a flattering color for any skin tone. Personally, I would wear this in a monochromatic outfit but it also looks great when harmonized with a vibrant color like green or royal blue.warm taupe sweater

Dusty Cedar

While airy blue gives a nod to one-half of the colors of the year, dusty cedar gives nod to the other half, rose quartz. It is a similar hue but of a darker shade. This is a very different kind of pink we’ll be seeing this fall, compared to what we usually see in spring and summer. This color is great for an edgy look. Think black leather and lots of sharpness in the outfit.dusty cedar lace dress

Lush Meadow

If you’ve seen the lush palm trees in many sleek Instagram photos, you would find this shade familiar. As it is called, the lush meadow borrows that certain quality you would all see in natural greens but it is more elevated and sophisticated and can be within the circle of emerald green.lush meadow jumpsuit

Spicy Mustard

Mustard has earned its rightful place amongst the many fall colors. This certain shade gives a zestier and, well, spicier look to one of our favorite fall color. And spicy mustard offers an exotic feel to this season’s color palette.spicy mustard dress

Potter’s Clay

This is a natural earth color and is something we would expect to have in any fall color trends. There is a tad of orange tones underneath it which gives this color enough vibrancy to make it unique from other earth tones used in previous autumn seasons.potter's clay long vest


Even if fall is the season for the muted and the dark, it feels unusual not to have something to balance all of the subdued colors. Enter bodacious, a lovely pinkish-purple color that one would not expect to find in a fall color trend. But hey, it gives that pure vibrancy we all long as summer slowly fades and we enter into the colder seasons.bodacious color pleated skirt and pumps

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